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Silk Voile #InternationalAnnaParty Dress

I purchased this silk voile in October with the intent to make a Lonsdale dress. By the time I got around to making it in February I realized I didn’t have enough and emailed Alice at Backstitch* to see if they had any more. Alas, the line had been discontinued and I couldn’t find it anywhere else. So, what to do when life hands you not enough fabric? Make another version of a dress you love!
When Ute and Pips decided to throw an International Anna Party for their friend Elle‘s birthday, I knew it was the perfect way to use my beloved silk voile! The dates of the party coincided with my sister’s wedding weekend so it was really the perfect excuse to make a rehearsal dinner dress!

Having already made 4 versions of Anna (here, here, here and here), I knew that this pattern would be a great canvas for my fabric. The silk voile is fairly delicate so I used french seams, the finest needle I had and took the construction very slowly. Although this fabric feels more like a cotton than a silk, it still is part silk which made it a little slippery. Considering my lack of sewing with such fabrics this was a very satisfying make for me and I feel confident that I can now tackle more slippery fabrics.

I had never even heard of cotton silk voile before so I can’t speak for them all, but like regular cotton voile I am guessing they are all slightly different and this version is very sheer. I really should have lined or underlined it, but it feels so magnificent that I couldn’t bear to do it. My plan is to make a full flip in a similar shade of blue that I can wear with it, but until I find that fabric I’m going with blue workout dress (bought with the intention of wearing like a slip, not for actually working out).

Unfortunately this dress is really tight so I didn’t get to wear it for the Anna party. I knew the silk voile had less give to it than the fabrics I had used for Anna before so I went up a size and it’s still tight at the waist and won’t zip. I’ve been doing Weight Watchers for about a month so maybe after a little more time it will fit!

Screenshot 2015-07-20 06.34.11

*While on the subject of the Backstitch Shop, I just want to let you know that they are the best resource for purchasing Atelier Brunette fabric if you are based in the US. I compared 4 or 5 different retailers and their price was the best with the most reasonable shipping cost.


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