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Nani Iro Delphine Skirt

Thank you to everyone who commented and shared my post about my negative experience with GOMI. I appreciate each and every comment people left on my post and on the thread itself! I could keep talking about it and address further comments that have come up, but I’m choosing to see the positive of this experience and put it in the past!  Now, let’s get back to our regularly scheduled pretty outfit post! 🙂I won a gift certificate to Gotham Quilts as part of the Sew Sweetness Dress Up Party! I won the random draw so I literally had no idea it was coming and all of a sudden I was reading the blog announcing the winners and there was my face. I was so surprised and excited!

I have been trying to spend less money on fabric and use what is in my stash so this gift certificate was the perfect excuse to really indulge. I’ve had my eye on the Nani Iro Pierre Pocho in Multicolor for a while now and decided to finally order some! I have started to dabble in quilting and am really intrigued by paper piecing so I also ordered the Feather’s Quilt pattern by Alison Glass. As a new customer to Gotham Quilts I signed up for their email newsletter and received a 10% off coupon so after my coupon and certificate (with shipping), I spent a mere $24.88.
I thought about making a simple gathered skirt, but decided against it and went with the Delphine skirt from Love at First Stitch.
I usually have my “photo shoots” in the morning before work, but I’ve been getting back into a nice gym routine over the last 6 weeks or so and photos for the blog have been suffering, I have quite a backlog of things to photograph. I very randomly got a great picture of this skirt on my way to a movie so even though I very recently blogged about Delphine, it’s jumping the que! I made alterations to my khaki version to make it zip on the side instead of the back and I used those same pieces for this version. Do you think the side zip takes away from the A line shape? Sound off in the comments, I’d love to get other opinions!
photo (56)
I didn’t interface my waistband on the khaki version and can really feel the difference so I did interface this version… and I shouldn’t have. The Nani Iro fabric is much stiffer and now the waistband is like “okay this is where I am sitting and I will not move a bit”.
You would think that with all the beautiful colors in this fabric I would have tons of top options to pair with it, but the coral tank in my photo is actually my best match! My emerald Agnes is a pretty good match and I wore that combo to my first Modern Quilt Guild meeting, but it’s not exact. I guess I just gave myself a reason to make some more solid colored knit tops! 🙂
I really love this fabric and am glad I used a pattern that I’ve found so versatile to make it up in. My only complaint is that it gets really wrinkly, really fast. I ironed my skirt, got dressed, put my braid in (my new favorite summer hair style is side french braid and wavy natural hair) and then went outside to wait for my boyfriend and this is how it looked. The next time I iron it I am going to go heavy on the flatter and see if that keeps the wrinkles at bay longer. If you have any tips for keeping canvas fabric less wrinkly I’d love to hear them!
Thank you again to Sara of Sew Sweetness for organizing the Dress Up Party and to Gotham Quilts for my gift card!

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