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Liberty Renfrew

With one of the gift cards I got for my birthday to Gather Here, I splurged and bought some Liberty Jersey. I didn’t go in with the intention of buying it, I was there looking for other things, but I really liked the print and decided I would get enough to make a Renfrew.

The bolt was at it’s end so I ended up getting a 1.5 yard piece and another .25 yard piece (that I used to cut out my sleeves). The Liberty jersey’s are listed on their website for $52 per yard so I spent over $80, to make a t-shirt! Not my best financial fabric decision, but take a look. It’s pretty great right?


The Liberty Jersey feels more like silk jersey than typical jersey so it feels wonderful against the skin and I really loved the pattern on the fabric. The two shades of blue are shades I am very fond of.

I don’t have much to say about the pattern, I’ve gushed about my love of the Renfrew here and here already in the last 4 months! I constructed this version on my Bernina with a zigzag stitch. I attempted the lightening bolt stitch, but wasn’t impressed with how it looked.

I thought my saggy neckline on my purple Renfrew was because of the amount of stretch in my fabric, but over time it has started to sag on my Priory Square version and now on this Liberty version. I just don’t think that 3 of 4 saggy necklines can be a coincidence when the fabrics were all so different. For version 5 I am going to shorten the neckband piece by half an inch and see if that helps.

My intention was to make the short sleeved version, but in an effort to use as much of this very expensive fabric as possible I made somewhere in between short and elbow length sleeves. I took my long sleeve pattern piece and just folded up to where it would fit on the piece of fabric I was using.

liberty3Because I decided to omit the hem band I did kind of the reserve of what I did when cutting the sleeves. I put the pattern pieces on the folded fabric and outlined them in chalk. I then moved the pieces down until everything was about to touch and extended the bottom. I should have retraced the pieces and lengthened at the shorten/lengthen line, but I only added length because I really wanted to use as much fabric as possible without having scraps left that I couldn’t use for anything else.

Turns out I had more to say about the construction than I thought! My mom had be cracking up laughing when she was taking these pictures so here’s another funny shot!



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