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Monday Motivation

I’ve been thinking about starting a weekly blog series and decided that Labor Day was the perfect day to kick it off! Here in the US the majority of the workforce are off today and I have plenty of sewing planned, so what better way to start the day than with sharing things that inspired me last week!


The Modern Sewciety Podcast came back after a summer break with two new episodes! I listened to them both while sewing and on my lunchtime walks and as always, Stephanie, her guests and Chris have inspired me.

Chris (aka The Tattooed Quilter) is part of The Sewing Party blog and his explanation of what TSP is on the B-side made it really clear for me what the idea behind the group is. Like so many people (read Abby Glassenberg’s post about TSP here), I was a little confused when an online conference put on my Pfaff all of a sudden rebranded as a collaborative blog. With each new post I can see this site becoming a real asset for the sewing community and can’t wait to see what is next!


One of the guests on episode 70, Jennifer Rossotti of Ginger Peach studios was talking about all the ice-cream she has been making and I put my ice-cream maker in the big freezer to prepare to make some myself in the next few weeks! Her blog name actually gave me the idea to make bourbon peach ice-cream to be sandwiched in soft ginger cookies. I might have to run to the store and make this today!

Reyna Lay also released a new episode this week and her guest is the wife of an ice-cream maker, what are the chances?! I had not read the Hello Holli blog before, but I’ve added her to my bloglovin feed! Her Blue Ridge Dress pattern is adorable and I might need to make it for Julia.

Renya also kicked off a new feature of her podcast, #WhatchuSewing. She will feature a few different makes at the end of every Podcast from people who use that hashtag on Instagram. If you would like to be featured you have to do a few simple things. Tag @ReynaLay in a photo and use hashtags #WhatchuSewing and #RLDpodcast. Her plan is to choose a few photos each week to feature.


Sew Mama Sew sent an email full of sales happening for Labor Day! Most of the sales are valid through today so it’s not too late to take advantage of sales at Fancy Tiger Crafts, Sew Modern and The Fabric Fairy (to name a few!). You can subscribe to their newsletter to learn about future awesomeness here, but they also blogged about the sales here.

Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness and Brenda & Hayley from Pink Castle Fabrics announced the inaugural Sew Pro conference! The idea is to help hopeful sewing entrepreneurs either start or scale their business. I’m considering attending and taking the Blogger track. The conference is next September and takes place in Chicago over 3 days. I have enough JetBlue points to fly for free so I’ll just have to see if a few other things pan out first before I pull the trigger.

Deer & Doe released their new line of patterns and I am really loving the Arum dress. I know I just recently bought the Laurel pattern so I shouldn’t be lusting after another shift dress, but the details just really set Arum apart. The princess seams on the back bodice, the kimono sleeves, even the bust pocket! Camille tested all of the new designs and blogged about them last week. Her chambray version of the Arum did nothing to stop me wanting the pattern, it’s so lovely! I have polka dot Chambray left from my Granville which is destined to become an Arum.d0019_schema_625


I have some oilcloth in my stash that I intended to make into a Stewardess bag before my last trip to Disney in April. This post from The Croft Mill Fabric blog may be the push I needed to actually get started on it! Perhaps by the time I go back to Disney in December it will be ready?

Mary and Heather have recently been raving (and giving away) Lillestoff knit fabrics. I’m so tempted to buy some to see what the fuss is all about, but the price tag has me holding back. Perhaps I can slyly suggest a few options to Santa 😉

Speaking of fabrics I must buy, Caroline released her new fall/winter collection over at Black Bird. I love the color of this ponte and have to buy some. I’ve already decided it needs to be a Coco top with a funnel neck and ¾ sleeves. She also has some polyster crepe with diamond dots that I think would make a wonderful Southport! It looks somewhat sheer so I’ll try lining or underlining with something of a similar weight.

I’ve purchased fabrics from all of Leah Duncans’ lines for Art Gallery Fabrics and was a bit surprised to see last week that she will be designing for Cloud9. I’m not sure if this is in addition to or instead of designing for AGF. Her website still says she is an Art Gallery designer so I’m curious to learn more. I love her designs and I’m sure I will love them on Organic Cotton, but the only reason I include this is because I LOVE the Art Gallery knits and ( I have two from Leahs’ collections) and that is a variety Cloud9 does not currently produce. I’ve seen them post knit sample pictures on Twitter so maybe it’s coming soon. Also, thinking about her designs on Bark Cloth is a nice ray of sunshine, a girl can dream!Screenshot_090415_031357_PM


I’m in hard core Downton Abbey withdrawals. I rewatched seasons 1-5 this summer and there’s still nearly a month before it even premieres in the UK. Luckily I have my TunnelBear so I’ll be watching it the day after it airs, but in the meantime I’ve had to find some new shows to satisfy my craving.

The Bletchney Circle is a short lived (7 episodes) ITV drama centered on a group of 4 women who worked as code breakers during WWII and later reunite to solve crimes. The plot is great and the costumes have me taking stock of my vintage patterns to try and replicate a few. I watched the entire series in a day on Netflix last week and then learned it had not been renewed for a third. How depressing!mezzanine_753

Peaky Blinders is another historical drama about the notorious Peaky Blinders Gang. I finished season 1 last week, but it wasn’t quite as bingable as The Bletchney Circle. I’ve read that things really heat up in season 2 so I’m going to stick with it. This show was originally produced for BBC2, but is now a Netflix original.

Sophie Rundle stars in both shows and you may remember her from Call The Midwife. She delivered the Mermaid baby and then suffered from postpartum depression. And speaking of…

I’ve started rewatching Call The Midwife from season 1 to hopefully get me through until Downton and my other shows start up for their new seasons. Rewatching a show you’re all caught up on is a great activity for while you are sewing. It provides the noise I crave, but I don’t have to pay attention too closely.


I officially became a member of the New Hampshire Modern Quilt Guild last week. I’m very new to quilting, but any excuse to make new sewing friends is good with me! The guild is hosting a retreat in October that I have signed up for and I can’t wait to spend an entire weekend unplugged (with the exception of my machine of course). It’s very rare that I disconnect from my phone, email and Internet in general, so a weekend in the ill reception area of NH sounds great.

I’m attending a conference for work this week and can’t wait for all the things I am going to learn! Everything I learn is going to be great to bring back to my day to day work life, but some of the things I learn will also translate really well to this blog. I’ve been toying with the idea of a Maker Marketing feature and this might be the perfect time to get it started. Sound off in the comments: do you (my 58 beloved followers) come just to see what I make or would you be interested in marketing tips for your crafty endeavors?

Last week was sewing injury week at my house. I hammered my thumb while installing snaps on an Alder shirtdress and then cut my finger with fabric scissors while trimming a sweater a few days later. Whoever said sewing is a relaxing hobby has clearly never heard of such incidents. I’d also like to mention that the sweater is cream colored and blood got on it. Thank goodness for the Tide pen!

I’m going to end on a very personal note. Last Friday would have been my Papa’s 88th birthday. Some girls are daddy’s girls, well I was a papa’s girl. He and my grandmother used to watch me when I was little and I would hang on his arm chair while he read to me, go for walks, watch him pay the bills in his office and he taught me so much. Education was very important to him and became very important to me. He was always offering to help me with my homework, even a few days before he passed away (turns out he had a knack for media planning!). He would have been so excited that I earned my Master’s Degree this year. My grandmothers’ sewing machine is in his den so all of my early sewing was looked on by his watchful eye as he simultaneously watched the news, golf or whatever history program happened to be on. All of a sudden I’d hear a “looks good” or “too short” come from him and I really miss that.


  1. sewsweetness says

    Great blog post, I like how you’ve broken down so many goings-on in the sewing world…looking forward to your next one!

  2. Hi,

    I just wanted to say thank you for featuring Croft Mill in this post, I hope you have fun making up the stewardess bag (and at Disney of course!)

    Kind regards,
    Croft Mill Fabric

    P.S I know what you mean about Downton Abbey, we’re eagerly awaiting the new series too! 🙂

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