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The Chrysanthemum Kim Dress

This dress was actually the first garment I made in 2015 and has been 100% done since January. Although this dress is in constant rotation (I think because of my immense love of this fabric), I had some issues with it that have taken me until this summer to address.

The princess seams really lured me in when this pattern was released, but in comparison to the Elisalex bodice they are a lot straighter. I’ve used the Elisalex bodice so many times that maybe comparing Kim to it, just because they both have princess seams, was my mistake. Kim is described as “Sexy and slinky, but also demure and girly, Kim will succumb to all aspects of your femininity! ” while Elisalex is decribed as, “An elegant dress with a low scooped back, princess seamed [bodice]”. I saw princess seams and a full skirt and was sold, but the neckline ended up being a little bit lower than I’m used to wearing with any sort of regularity.


I added sleeves to this dress because I felt very exposed, but after a few wears I realized there was no way they were going to stay up. Hence, why this dress took so long to blog about!

Every time I wore it from January until May I told myself I would take the sleeves off and now that I have I love how this dress looks on me much better, but the straps still fall. After I took off the sleeves I removed about an inch from each strap and that helps a little, but anymore and it would have been too tight at the arm pit. Which gives me an idea that I can lower the arm hole to take the straps up even more. That sounds like a win win because then the straps won’t fall and the whole bodice will be moved up to cover a little more of my chest!

The straps falling is not specific to me and is a problem other people have had too. I’ve seen the problem addressed in the comments of the BHL blog which is always nice to see! Kelly from True Bias talked about adding ribbons to the bodice to attach her bra to which I think might help with the falling too, perhaps I’ll try it on my next one.

Mum caught me fixing the straps!

Mum caught me fixing the straps!

I’m not writing Kim out of my sewing lineup because I did make two muslins and the bust fit is spot on but, I’m going to wait until I find a fabric that just screams Kim at me. Hopefully that happens sometime this year so I can make a second Kim to be my holiday party dress! I think the petal skirt with the bodice I used would make a really beautiful Christmas dress so now I just have to find some fabulous fabric that speaks to me!

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  1. I love your dress! The frabric is great and the fit looks perfect 🙂 I have made Kim three times (but blogged only one), and I have the same problem with the straps… I will try to add the little ribbons, let’s see if it works 🙂

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