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Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation seemed to go over well last week so I’m back again sharing my motivation for the week!


So many new podcast came out last week! Reyna Lay with Jennifer DeShazer, Crafty Planner with Denyse Schmidt, While She Naps with Geninne Zlatkis and Modern Sewciety with Haley from Welcome to the Mouse House & Amy from Stitchery Dickory Dock. My commute to work and sewing time were drastically cut short last week so I’m still catching up on all of these new episodes!

Speaking of Podcast, Marc Maron was at INBOUND and I luckily made it into his talk. The person interviewing him asked why his podcast are so long especially in this day and age where people’s attention spans are only 3 minutes long and his answer has really stayed with me. “We shouldn’t have to accommodate peoples drifting attention spans.” As a marketer I often get bogged down in keeping things simple, but sometimes you can’t get your point across without more words or a longer video. And come on, the President invited himself to Marc’s garage, this guy knows what he is talking about!


I love this tutorial from the Bernina blog for a crib sheet. My sister is expecting so this might be a good way to use some fabric from my stash while making some very practical gifts. Of course, I now want the Bernina serger with the elastic foot, but that will have to wait!

I finished reading The American Heiress on the bus into Boston and for anyone missing Downton Abbey, it’s pretty good. The main character is named Cora and the time frame is around when Lady Cora would have been newly married to Robert so it was interesting to imagine how their fictional life together would have been at that time.

Grainline Studios released their new Lark Tee pattern this week! The pattern has over 16 variations which I think is awesome. Some people have commented that the world does not need another indie tee shirt pattern and like Lauren, I must disagree. If designers stopped drafting and releasing patterns just because someone else has a similar design we would be a pattern standstill. I think that just about every store at the mall carries a t-shirt of some kind and you don’t see Macy’s stopping production of tee shirts because American Eagle makes them too. I’ve used the Deer & Doe Plantain, The Sewaholic Renfrew, The Sew Over It Cowl shirt and Tilly’s Coco & Agnes patterns. They each have different features that make me love them and I’m sure the Lark will be the perfect tee for many people, just like I’m sure that if By Hand London or Collette released a knit tee pattern it would be perfect for some sewers.


Over the Labor Day weekend I started the process or reorganizing my fabric stash. I have an 8 cube expedit shelf unit from Ikea (expedit has been discontinued, but this one is similar) and it had fabric in 5 of the 8 squares. I also have an ottoman full of fabric so my goal was to get it all into the shelves. I pulled the thrown fabrics out, ironed them and made piles based on type. Well, I never got around to the ottoman of fabric and the 5 shelfs are still being used for fabric. At least they are now organized by type and I kept my most used ones not in baskets so I can easily find them without causing a mess. The knits do not wrinkle as easily so they are in a basket. I’ll try and tackle the ottoman this weekend!

I made a new outfit to wear on the last day of my conference. My friend from San Diego, Gretta, was going to be in town and it was the shortest day of the event so I knew I’d be able to get by without my comfy jeans and sneakers. I got so many compliments on the fabric for this top! It comes in a lighter variation in quilting weight so I might have to get it! I’ll be blogging about my Arielle and Agnes combo soon, but here is a sneak peak. Full disclosure; this picture was very dark so I did some retouching to make it brighter.

me made inbound


I knew Sew Over It started a vblog, but it was just last week that I binge watched almost all of the episodes. I was about to cut some linen to make a Southport when I saw this episode and Lisa says, “Linen is great if your never gonna sit-down in it”. I thought about how true that is and decided to hold off!  When I make it to London one day I’d love to take a class there or at the very least pick up their patterns that I don’t already have and some fabric. This crepe for example needs to be mine.


INBOUND was a very long 3 days. I was waking up at 4am to get the bus into town and wasn’t getting home until around 9pm. And did I mention that from 8-6 I was learning the coolest and most up-to-date news relevant to my field? I wanted to learn as much as possible so I was in sessions all day with a quick break for lunch. A lot of sessions filled up too fast, but I only missed one that I really had my heart set on. I started going over my notes over the weekend and reading everything I wrote is almost as exciting as hearing it the first time was!

I made the Smitten Kitchen raspberry breakfast bars and proceeded to eat almost all of them over a week long period. I accidentally used the wrong size pan and mine came out thinner than the picture so I kept them in the fridge so they wouldn’t fall apart (idea came from my mom).
And in closing, I’m just going to leave you with this meme of Violet Crawley that brings two of my favorite things together!
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