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Monday Motivation

Do you think Monday Motivation every week is too much? I am aiming to share what I find inspiring, while also having it be useful to readers so let me know your thoughts! I may take it down to twice per month, but before I would love some reader feedback.


I am so behind on my podcasts, but I did manage to listen to two. Last week someone mentioned Denyse Schmidt at the Modern Quilt Guild meeting so I had to listen to her on Crafty Planner. And speaking of the Modern Quilt Guild, Stephanie had co-founder of the guild Latifah Sannfir on the Modern Sewciety Podcast! These two ladies were so inspiring. I’ve been working on a mini quilt for a swap (my first real quilt btw) and after hearing them I came up with an amazing new plan for it that I luckily had enough fabric for. I won’t be mailing the mini for another 3 weeks, but I’ll show it here when it has reached it’s new owner.


Have you heard of the Camp Create? My friend Kayla sent me the link and I want to go! It’s basically a 5 bedroom house that sleeps 16 where you can go for a weekend retreat or rent privately to craft and have a wonderful empowering time.

Sugar Hero and Joy The Baker posted PB&J baked good recipes in the last week! I am taking this as a sign to make my favorite PB&J cookie recipe. I have always made this recipe as a double batch and kept one rectangle in the freezer. That way I can cut 1 or 2 (okay lets get real, 3 or 4) cookies at a time to bake and eat. I’ve only ever made it with homemade jam so I am going to try and make that this week and make the cookies over the weekend.

When I re-watched Call The Midwife I become obsessed with the idea of making a swing coat. I’ve been researching vintage patterns and seeing what is available on Etsy in my size. I want my swing coat to have a collar and welt pockets and I want it to hit around my mid thigh. According to my research a “real” swing coat will have bracelet length sleeves, but I may lengthen whatever pattern I get if necessary to have full length sleeves. One of the best sources I have found for information about coats from the 1950’s is Vintage Dancer.  I also found a post about the different types of vintage jackets, not swing specific, but also worth a read! Go take a look and be inspired to make your own swing coat! Here is a picture of the coat that inspired me to make one of my own and the pattern envelope that is the leading contender at the moment. 



This pattern is a little more pea coat like than a traditional swing coat, but I can add some volume. Raglan sleeves are not on my must have list for this project, but they do look great! If I get my butt in gear this could even count as one of my Vintage Pledge items!


I realized this week that I have not bought any fabric since July! Working through fabric in my stash has been good, but I am seriously overdue for some fabric shopping. I wish I could have gone on the NH Modern Quilt Guild shop hop this weekend to stock up at Gather Here, Grey’s and the two other shops they hopped to that I hadn’t heard of! I’ve wanted to make some more ultimate trousers since I saw the tutorial for making them high waisted with a waist band so I’ll need something good for those. I also want to make another Archer with the sleeve plackets from the Granville in a plaid. I think I want shades of purple for both!


Downton is back and my life is whole once again! Thanks to some random website that uploaded the episode, I was able to watch last nights episode 3 hours after it aired. I won’t give any spoilers, but in my opinion the stage was set for tying up loose ends and ending the show. I have a TunnelBear subscription, but every time I try and connect lately it doesn’t work. I’m going to try connecting with my iPad next weekend because TunnelBear support isn’t answering my frantic messages.


I did a little blog updating this past week. I updated my side bars, my profile image and went back to old post that I hadn’t tagged properly before. It felt good to clean things up a bit. I’m thinking about finding an online WordPress course to take just so I feel more comfortable editing my content. Plus, 2 of my clients at work use WordPress so I’m sure the skills would go to great use!

One of the many things I love about my job is the occasional visit to a wine or spirit tasting. Last Thursday I helped out behind the scenes at a Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot tasting and got to taste Château Mouton Rothschild. This particular bottle costs $700! I was excited to try it because it is from the Rothschild family, the fact that it’s the most expensive drink I will in all likelihood ever taste was just an added bonus. I visited the stolen property of the Rothschild family when it was on display in Boston and of course I read Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey. Lady Almina was the Countess of Carnarvon during the time that Downton Abbey takes place and she was the illegitimate daughter of a Rothschild.


Here I am holding the bottle, in a me-made dress no less!

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