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The Emerald Isle Agnes

When I wear this shirt, I just want it to be St.Patrick’s day or to plan a trip to visit Ireland. Random, but hey it gave me a good name for the post! 

This is my second Agnes and even though I made a different variation of the top, I only made one change from my first striped version. I said I was going to add an inch to the sleeve and that I did! The long sleeve version right out of the envelope was ever so slightly too short so I added the inch and was able to do a regular size hem instead of a little baby one. If I decide to make the ruched sleeve version with long sleeves I’ll need to add a bit more, but I can worry about that down the road.

This is the sweetheart neckline version and I used 1/2 inch wide woven elastic instead of 1/4 clear elastic as listed on the notions for the pattern. I had 1/4 inch clear elastic, but I feel that the woven elastic is stronger so I went ahead and used my best judgement. It took me three tries to get it in just right so I’m thankful for the steam setting on my iron to get ride of the little pricks. I just couldn’t seem to hold the elastic straight and it kept curving a little bit as I sewed and it ended up as more of a J shape than a straight line. The Agnes pattern is very versatile and I can’t get over how a quick sweetheart adjustment and a solid color knit make this top look so different. Here is a closeup of the ruched neckline. You can see that it is still slightly less than straight, but still pretty good.

photo (58)

I know every body is different and some might not fit so easily into Tilly & The Buttons patterns right out of the envelope, but I’ve had nothing but good experiences with them and if you are looking for a first knit project Agnes or Coco would be a great start that is also satisfying. I almost feel like I shouldn’t say that because I only made my first knit garment 18 months ago, but of all the patterns I’ve used since then Agnes and Coco have been the most straight forward.

I already have a few more Agnes tops mentally prepared and one more already cut out. I really want to get some more Liberty jersey or some of the Lillestoff womens collection to make a 3/4 sleeve version with the sweetheart neckline, but that will be a project for another time. My tastes in jersey seems to be leaning towards the expensive lately aren’t they?

This fabric is Robert Kaufman Laguna Jersey and I got it for less than $7 a yard at fabric.com! The color is a really lovely shade of Emerald and the stretch factor is perfect for this top. This is my second time using the Laguna jersey and the it worked just as well for Agnes as it did for my polka dot Moneta. The neck band went onto this version perfectly so my thought that the rayon jersey just had more stretch in it must have been right. This one lays perfectly.

photo (57)

For comparison sake, I constructed this Agnes with my serger and as much as I love the rainbow threads on the inside, I feel like my first one is more secure. The serger threads aren’t showing on the outside or anything, it’s just a feeling I get when wearing this version. That’s not to say I will be stopped from wearing it, I just won’t be using my serger for constructing my next one! For the time being that’s all I have to say about the ever so Amazing Agnes, but I already have my third one ready to share once I get some good pictures!

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