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Supplex Leggings and A Playtime Tunic

Have you ever heard of supplex? If not, prepare to have your mind blown. Earlier this year I was doing some research into the types of fabric used by Lululemon. Although I love everything I have from there, they are way too expensive for me to buy all that often so I wanted to try and find a comparable fabric and make some of my own reproductions. Enter, supplex. Numerous online resources claim that Lululemon has a special version of supplex made just for them, but you can buy regular supplex from retailers! I found the best selection and price to be at Spandex World.

This is the third time I’ve made the leggings pattern from the Great Brittish Sewing Bee book and as good as they are for everyday wear, they did not help me to achieve the look I was going for with the supplex. They are very much a leggings pattern, not an activewear/can be worn without covering your butt pattern. Which is perfect for my other two versions but since this is a thicker breathable fabric I wanted to be able to wear this out and about. I’ve recently picked up the Oh La La leggings pattern which I’ve read reviews of sewing bloggers wearing for yoga and jogging so I plan to get more supplex and try them with it.

photo (65)

I realized during Me-Made-May that I wear these leggings a lot when I just want to be comfy and they match my Lela Tunic very well so don’t get me wrong, I wear the crap out of them (as seen by the pulling butt seam) but they were just not the best pattern for the look I was going for.

photo (64)

It seems to be a trend with me lately that every time I make a project from a knit I have just enough left to make something for Julia so she has matching blue supplex leggings! I actually had blue jersey that looks like it has painted lines on it that I made her the Oliver & S Playtime tunic with and I used the supplex for the matching leggings. Its a cute outfit, but the tunic is a little big.

photo (33)

The tunic is meant to be made in a woven but the blues looked so cute together that I just cut the front and back on the fold and omitted the back buttons to make it a pull over tunic. When I was inserting the elastic into the leggings I ripped the waistband about 1.5 inches down so these ended up being a really low-rise pair of leggings for her but, they do still fit. photo (32)


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