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Monday Motiviation

Welcome back to another edition of Monday Motivation. There has been quite a lot going on in the last few weeks so be prepared for a lot of motivation!


How did I not know about the Thread Cult podcast until recently? It is so good! Most interviews I’ve listened to are recorded in person and range from the founder of Spoonflower, to Liesel Gibson, to Angela Wolf (whose jeans class I am currently taking on Craftsy)!

Sandy of The Crafty Planner had Abby Glassenberg of While She Naps and Kristin Link from Sew Mama Sew on last week to discuss their new venture, The Craft Industry Alliance. Their mission is to be a trusted source of industry information, creative inspiration, and be a community for craft professionals. Hear more from Abby and Kristen here!


The Village Haberdashery was one of the first foreign fabric shops I discovered and ordered from and they had a lot to share over the last few weeks! Their Fold Over Elastic tutorial written by So, Zo… is on point, their new location looks like it is going to be amazing and count me in for their crowd funding campaign!

I have three words for you. Cashmerette sewing patterns! I’ve not had good luck with the cup sized sewing patterns from the big 4 and was excited on so many levels to see that Jenny’s patterns were drafted from three different blocks to achieve the perfect fit for multiple cup sizes. I’d been looking into a few different wrap dress patterns, but pulled the trigger when I saw the Appleton pattern. Jenny even has a kit complete with bird fabric that I ordered on Thursday, received on Friday and sewed up Saturday! Come back soon for a detailed post about my finished dress.



I’m just going to leave the Art Gallery Fabrics fall look book here and wait for you to stop drooling…

….we good? Which is your favorite? I’m loving all of the fabrics, but four especially.

The Millie Fleur line from Bari J. debuts in November and I’m lusting after the Line Drawings Bluing knit. The blues and purples of Fleet and Flourish by Maureen Cracknell are stunning! Give them all to me! Too bad I have to wait until December. Chalk & Paint by Sew Caroline is coming in February, just in time for my birthday! Coastline by Sharon Holland is being released in January and I can’t decide if I want to get Sand Bar in canvas or knit, maybe both!

And an added bonus that I read in the look book, each collection will now have a wide cotton! To me this means more backing options for the 10 quilts I have mentally prepared (but have yet to start) and the beautiful prints of quilting cottons with enough width to make circle skirts!

Gertie announced her new line of fabrics for Joann’s coming this fall. These babies are already on sale and for $8.99 a yard, this floral sateen may need to become mine. The price of these fabrics is great, but the availability is not. Only one Joann’s in Massachusetts has them and none in New Hampshire. If I bite I will be ordering online.


As I mentioned above, I’m currently watching Angela Wolf’s Sewing Designer Jeans class. Her tips are helping to make my second pair of Ginger Jeans a lot better! One of her tips is to use denim that is no higher than 10 ounces, but the Cone Mill Denim I’m currently working with is 11.5. I bought the kit with the fabric directly from the pattern designer so I know my jeans will come out wonderfully, but I wonder if the ounces make a big difference. I guess I’ll just have to order some more Cone Mill Denim with less and compare!


I picked a pattern and fabric for my coat project! Read all about them here.

This might sound silly, but did you know that adults can get ear infections? I always think of an ear infection as something that a kid gets! Well, I have one and I have a new found respect for all the kids out there who get them on a regular basis. It has thrown off my balance, made it so I can’t hear from one ear and the antibiotics have made me sick to my stomach. I can usually deal with being sick with some Aleve and fluids, but I have been miserable all week. Luckily I was feeling better on Friday and got some sewing in.


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