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Royal Blue Twill Arielle and A Matching Agnes

I love this skirt. I could just leave this post at that and I would be satisfied, but let me go on.

For my first Arielle skirt I chose a bargain priced stretch twill from fabric.com. It looks more navy in the picture, but it’s very clearly royal blue which I was hoping for. It was $9.98 per yard and I had a 20% off coupon so I ordered 2 yards to be on the safe side and have enough left to make another skirt if I use a different fabric for the facing (a Delphine perhaps?). I knew making this skirt up in muslin wouldn’t give me an accurate picture of the fit so purchasing a cheaper option of the right fabric was a great alternative.

I’m not usually one for a mini skirt, but for this Arielle I knew it was my best option to get the fit right while using as little fabric was possible. Even though it was cheaper fabric I didn’t want to be wasteful!

I was very meticulous with my cutting. With the exception of the back and back facing all of the pieces are cut on the flat and I didn’t want to be halfway through construction and realize I should have cut this piece with the wrong side down or that piece for the right side up. In the directions one of the first tips is to read all of the directions before beginning because it is easy to get turned around when cutting the pattern pieces. Before I started I took my yellow tailors chalk and made a bunch of “W’s” for wrong on the wrong side of my fabric. Can’t be too careful!

I had two tiny problems. The shaping is less dramatic on my version than on the pattern envelope so maybe I should have clipped further into the seam allowance. The facing was popping up a little bit so I tacked it down by hand and unless you are right next to the skirt you can’t even see the stitches. Again, I’m thinking I didn’t clip far enough down into the seam allowance and that is why the facing is popping up a little.

My mom caught this random picture of me fixing my hair, but I think from this angle the skirt looks a little big at the waist, what do you think?

photo (68)

The only real complaint I have is self inflicted. I don’t like sewing on covered buttons, but I chose to make them so for my next Arielle I will use store bought buttons! And yes, I already have a second Arielle prepped and ready to go. My grandmother gave me some forest green gabardine from her statsh and I am going to line it with some floral voile I have from my stash. If I wasn’t hating covered buttons right now I would use the floral to make the buttons for the skirt!

Bonus Garment: I made another Agnes using an Art Gallery knit to wear with Arielle and they look great together! I’ve talked about Agnes twice already so I’ll keep this short and sweet. I made the simplest version with long sleeves and regular neckline, I constructed this Agnes with my Bernina using a zigzag stitch and I even used the same thread that I used for my Arielle!

This is the third type of knit I’ve used for Agnes so I wanted to talk about fiber content. Art Gallery knits are 95% cotton and 5% spandex while Robert Kaufman knits are 95% Cotton/5% Lycra. Lycra is basically just brand name spandex that is trademarked by Dupont (source), but these two fabrics do sit differently, on my body anyway! I used the same pattern pieces, the same seam allowance, the same depth of hem and they have the same fiber content, but my Emerald Agnes is longer. You would think it would be the shorter of the two if anything because I ruched the neckline, but no, Art Gallery Agnes is shorter! When I wore it with jeans I found myself tugging it down to ensure I was covered, but tucked into Arielle it is perfectly fine. Rachel from Imagine Gnats was on the Modern Sewciety podcast last week and she mentioned that Art Gallery knits are 1 oz larger(I’m not positive if that is the correct way to word that) than Kaufman knits so even with the same fiber content there is still the weight variable that I hadn’t thought of.

Here is a picture of me wearing my Arielle/Agnes combo in September (lighting is not great).

me made inbound

And here I am in October with my fresh haircut! I was 5 months overdue and boy was my head feeling heavy!

photo (69)

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