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Monday Motivation

Come one, come all to another edition of Monday Motivation! Where I, Carolanne, tell you about some of the things that motivated me over the last few weeks and hope that you find them as wonderful as I did.


I’m a big fan of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (books and TV show) and Downton Abbey. I discovered a book that is the perfect combination of these two shows thanks to an audio book suggestion on Scribd. The Other Side of Midnight by Simone St. James takes place shortly after WW1 ends and is about a physic who finds lost things. Her frenemy Gloria is murdered and together with a gang of amazing characters she uses her powers to try and find the murderer.

I know I usually use this space to report on Podcast, but I binge listened to The Other Side of Midnight and then moved right onto the new Shopaholic book so I’m a little behind in my podcasts listening.


I made Joy The Bakers Butter Pecan Biscuits and they came out so good. I ate them for breakfast by themselves, I ate them again for breakfast with sausages and I had them for lunch for 4 days with sliced turkey and cranberry apple chutney.

photo (71)

Anna Rifle Bond will be the first guest designer for Cotton + Steel! Her fabric collection will debut at the Spring Quilt Market and I can’t wait to get my hands on some. I have a Rifle Paper Co. phone case, various desk supplies and a stash of their cards. I can’t wait to add fabulous garments in their prints to my me-made wardrobe. From reading different announcements I’ve pieced together that the collection will feature quilting cotton, rayon and canvas so I’ll need to make a dress, flowy top and a bag!Screenshot_110215_092948_AM


Ever since Elizabeth Olwen posted her Francoise dress on Instagram I’ve been pining for her baby wale corduroy in the same print. The print reminds me so much of a jumpsuit my mom had as a kid that got passed down to me. As if my cross eye didn’t give the kids enough reason to pick on me, yes I wore my moms hand me downs from the 70’s. What can I say. I was into vintage clothes as early as 1st grade! At my elementary school towards the end of the school year a kindergarten kid would get partnered with a first grader and experience the day with them and I remember wearing the jumpsuit on the day I had my kindergarten friend with me and I tripped at recess and ripped the knee. Now that I’ve bored you with stories of my youth, it was because of my love of the ruined jumpsuit I wanted to get the fabric and turn it into a nice dress for everyday wear, which is almost done!

photo (70)

I started a meetup group for local sewers and at our October meetup we had a swap in honor of Halloween. I walked away with two quilting magazines, two pieces of apparel fabric and a cute Burda pattern- total score! One of the fabrics was turned into my Halloween costume so come back soon to see that (or go see on Instagram).


In my opinion, Grey’s Anatomy was off to a slow start this season, but things seem to be picking up with the addition of the Doctor responsible for Derek’s death coming to dinner as Callie’s new girlfriend! That’s all I’ll say incase you haven’t watched the last few weeks of episodes.

I was recently introduced to Project Runway (how have I never watched this show before?) and I binge watched the current season. The finale is this week and my loyalties are conflicted. I’d like Kelly to win since she’s from Massachusetts, but I’d like Ashley to win because her collection seems more wearable. On the other hand, Edmond tried out for the show every season since the start so I’d like to see him win too. I just can’t decide!


I went on my first sewing retreat!  It was organized through my modern quilt guild (NHMQG) and was an absolute blast. Even though I am just beginning to dabble in quilting, I’m so glad I joined the guild because I’ve met some really wonderful ladies.  I’ll have a full recap of the retreat soon! For now, here are some pictures.

Screenshot_110215_092224_AM Screenshot_110215_092153_AM


I’m also happy to report that after weeks of antibiotics, my ear infection is gone!

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