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Sweet Carolanne Makes a Sweet Tomato Pin Cushion Costume

My ideas for Halloween costumes this year fell into two groups. The color red and my American Girl doll. I had 3 ideas!

  1. Use the Carolyn Pajama pattern to recreate Molly’s bedtime look. If you follow me on Instagram you know that I still have Molly and am proud that she is in such good condition. I have the red PJ’s for her so I could have carried her around with me and it would have been great. Downfalls? Was I really going to buy a butt load of red silk for a Halloween costume? I also thought of this around October 1st and hadn’t even tried the pattern yet. I didn’t want to rush, what was next?
  2. Recreate Molly’s after school outfit. I actually started this in July! I have navy ultimate trousers cut out and a blackwatch plaid Archer in nearly identical fabric about 1/2 done. I could have rushed to finish, but again, I didn’t want to.
  3. Just when I thought I would wear my witch costume for the 8th year in a row, on Thursday October 16th I saw a picture on Pinterest of someone who dressed up as a tomato pin cushion and I thought it was the perfect sewing related costume! I decided I would try it next year as I didn’t have any red fabric or craft goodies to make the pins. But then, on October 17th I went to a fabric swap and wouldn’t you know it, almost two yards of red cotton sateeny fabric (the exact fiber content is unknown but it feels very similar to a cotton sateen). I was in business!

    Inspiration Costume

    Inspiration Costume

I devised a plan and got to work. I would buy a red shirt, make my pins and cut out the pieces of red skirt and green foliage over the weekend. I would construct the skirt and belt the following weekend at retreat (more on this coming soon) and I would be done. I actually stuck to this plan very well. The rest of the green cotton sateen (I’m positive this time since I ordered it from Mood not too long ago), is destined to be an Elisalex with a bias bound neckline so I cut lots of strips to have enough for both projects and was going to use some to create the segment divides of the pin cushion, but ran out of time.

I cut out a waistband that would be too big so I could fit a tutu under it, but I should have realized the waistband didn’t really matter as the gathers were so full and the tutu would fit without even stretching them out too far. After I cut the waistband I used every little bit of fabric so the gathers would be really full.

photo (74)

You might be wondering why I didn’t follow right along with my inspiration costumes and that is because I like to be able to rewear things. Hence why all of my ideas were real patterns in fabrics that made them somewhat costumey. I an 100% sure I will wear a red gathered skirt again. You know how I know? I had a similar one from the Gap that I washed so much that it is now light pink! Now I just need to take the skirt in slightly and my tomato pin cushion costume becomes a garment for everyday wear!


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