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Monday Motivation

Do you know what I hate the most about the winter? The lack of sunshine! I leave for work and it’s dark. I get home from work and it’s dark. As if this isn’t depressing enough it also means no time for blog photos with good lighting. I have 5 or 6 new garments to share with the posts all written, but no pictures yet. I’m getting my hair cut on Wednesday and have Thursday and Friday off for Christmas so once my hair is fresh and I’m home during the limited sunshine hours I’ll try to bang out a bunch of photos! For now though, here are some things that have been motivating me lately.


The new episode of the While She Naps podcast was released today and features Jenny “Cashmerette” Rushmore. The episode was actually recorded in Grey’s Fabric which I’ll talk more about in a minute! I love my bird print Appleton Dress and made a second one with long sleeves to wear on Christmas Day. Listen to Jenny talk about her pattern company here!

Sandi had Karen McTavish on the Crafty Planner podcast a few weeks ago, but I just listened to it and was blown away. I’ve been obsessed with quilting over the last few months so I loved listening to Karen talk about long arm quilting.

Having only recently started watching Project Runway, I was not familiar with Gretchen Jones, but hearing her on episode 7 of Seamwork Radio makes me want to buy season 8 on DVD and binge watch it!


There were two big changes to my local fabric shops this past week.

Sarah from Grey’s Fabric has decided to close the Boston location and move the store’s home base to Michigan. Which is where her home base is, so it makes sense, but hurts my heart! Lucky for you and me, Grey’s is having a 25% sale I’m guessing until the inventory gets to manageable point to move. You can read all about it here. I went yesterday to use a gift card my mom intended to be my Christmas gift and got some great things. In addition to patterns and fabric, I walked out of there with tears in my eyes. I’ve met some wonderful ladies at Grey’s while shopping, attending classes and taking part in their Crafty Foxes Sewing club and I will really miss the sense of community that I felt every time I walked in the doors.

In a different type of moving news, Gather Here is also moving. Luckily to a bigger location also in Cambridge, thank goodness! I couldn’t loose both of my local shops in the same week, I would have had to move. The new space needs a bit of work so they need our help to make the move happen! I know money can be tight at the holidays, but it’s my personal belief that every bit can help so go take a look at their backer rewards and open your virtual checkbook! Even if you aren’t local, an expanded space means more room for fabric, yarn and notions that they can sell in their online store.

I’ve taken over as blogger for the NH Modern Quilt Guild and my first post is up! If you’re interested in quilting and live in NH or the Merrimack valley of MA, you should visit the page and learn about the guild. It’s been so much fun being a part of it so far and I’m excited to take on the role as blogger.


Did you go see Star Wars this weekend? I’ve seen the prequels, but not all three of the original movies so I’m holding out. I did see Sisters though and it was hilarious. Go see again and buy on DVD when it comes out hilarious!

I’m looking forward to watching the Downton Abbey Christmas Special/Finale and the Call the Midwife Christmas special this week because I haven’t had much TV time over the past few weeks.

I did manage to watch the latest episode from the Sew Over It Vblog, it’s all scenes of Lisa’s dog Poppy, super cute!


I’m putting together a post recapping every item I’ve made this year, it’s turning into a pretty epic story!

I’ve attended a holiday party every other day over the last week and I’m looking forward to have a few days off from work to actually get things done around the house that I’ve let fall by the wayside. I haven’t done laundry since my trip to Disney and a bunch of my sewing stuff is currently in the dining room, where we will be hosting Christmas Eve! Normally I would take advantage of an extra day off to sew, but my Christmas dress is finished so I’m going to be practical and have clean clothes to wear for the week!


I’m going to be practical on the 23rd and 24th, but the fabric for my next quilt is arriving tomorrow and I’m fairly certain there will be quite a few patterns under the tree this year that I can dig into Christmas morning. Hopefully Christmas day and the weekend will be filled with new projects and the taking of blog photos!

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