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2015 Review & Looking Ahead

2015 has been quite a year! I gave myself four sewing goals and I was able to reach 3 of them. A fly front came in the form of my Ginger jeans and double welt pockets were achieved early with my Milano cape. My dressing gown is not technically an undergarment, but it is lingerie so I’m counting it! I never got around to boning a bodice, but I did purchase the Lonsdale dress so 2016 could be the year.

My goals for this blog were to be asked to pattern test or participate in a blog hop. I didn’t reach either of those despite my best efforts. I think I applied to pattern test for 6 different brands and was either turned down or was not replied to.

I did win two contests in 2015 though! I won a $25 gift card to Gotham Quilts as part of the Sew Sweetness Dressup Party and I won 3 yards of jersey from the Appleton Dress Sewalong. Free fabric helps soften the blow of not reaching goals. šŸ™‚

photo (56)

(I used the Gotham Quilts gift card for the fabric I used for this skirt.)

I also kept track of all the items I made this year and have broken them down by month below. Items that were blogged about are linked and the others either haven’t been blogged about yet (the jelly roll quilt for example) or didn’t warrant a post (did you really need to hear about 6 different plantain tees?). I have a few unblogged itemsĀ scheduled to post over the next few weeks, but most of these unlinked items I won’t be going back to.


Kim Dress

Milano Cape

photo (87)

Sureau Dress

Peony Dress (since turned into something else!)

Purple Mabel L


Double Gauze Mortmain

Playtime Tunic and Leggings for Julia

Purple Mabel XL

GBSB Leggings for me

Ginger Jeans with Marc Jacobs fabric

Gray Ponte Renfrew

Gray Plantain


Polka Dot Granville


Orange Kim-Lex

Priory Square Renfrew

Green Mabel

Striped Coco


Black Mabel

Sleeveless Granville

Bicycle Alder

photo (15)

Purple Renfrew

Polka Dot Moneta


Leggings for Julia

Cotton + Steel Pendrall Blouse, wearable but not quite blogable.

Purple Laurel

Anna Maxi Skirt


Finished a purple plantain that had been 75% finished since December


Khaki Delphine Skirt (cut out in March,Ā 90% constructed in June, hemmed in July)

Striped Agnes


Buchanan Dressing Gown

Liberty Renfrew

Floral Southport for me

Silk Voile Anna

Nani Iro Delphine

Emerald Agnes

Nani Iro Anna



My Bernina was being repaired at the beginning of the month so I did a lot of prep work, but not much finishing of projects!

Arizona Alder (still needs a collar!)


Simplicity 4903

Royal Blue Arielle

Cable Knit Sweater

Southport for Julia (still needs elastic!)

Striped and poppy Agnes

Arum Dress


Bird Appleton DressĀ and matching leggings for Julia

Astoria Cropped Sweater Black

Astoria Cropped Sweater Blue

Two mini quilts. One for the #SimplyMiniSwap and one as backup for the swap.


Simplicity 4903 again!


Plaid Archer

Purple sweatshirts for Julia and I

Arithmetic Quilt



Crosshatch Appleton Dress

Jelly Roll Quilt (needs binding)


56 items wow! I think next year I will aim for at least 52 items, 1 each week! Here is the breakdown by item type:

18 Tops

17 Dresses

10 Bottoms

6 Kids Clothes

4 Quilts

1 Lingerie


Something blogging has helped me with is keeping better track of changes I made or need to make to patterns and it has also helped me to realize which items I wear the most. I wear my Ginger Jeans, Agnes tops and Renfrew tops A LOT and I have a handful of dresses that I wear constantly. Some items don’t get worn due to fit issues, some items don’t get worn because the fabric didn’t hold up well and some of the dresses are too much for everyday wear.

Instead of setting goals for 2016 I want to focus on perfecting the fit and construction of a few everyday items. My hand-made wardrobe is sorely lacking pants so I need more Ginger Jeans, Ultimate Trousers and even more leggings.

What are your sewing plans for the new year?

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