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White Russian Sweatshirt Gets a Makeover

I have now made 5 of the White Russian sweatshirt! I really love this pattern and felt like it had a lot of potential that I wasn’t taking advantage of for hacks. The hack I made is very simple and actually changes very little, but I feel like it completely changes the look of the pattern.


First of all I didn’t use sweatshirt fabric. For this version I used a French terry from Imagine Gnats that was very similar in look and feel to the French Terry I used for a Renfrew. This French terry wasn’t intended to be something for me at all but when it arrived I decided it wasn’t right for the Paxton I had in mind and since I had recently given away my navy (unblogged) White Russian, I wasn’t going to let this wonderful fabric sit for long in my stash.

The other two changes I made were small. I increased the seam allowance so this would look more fitted like a sweater and I omitted the cuffs. Because I was omitting the cuffs I lengthened the sleeve pieces by about 3 inches. I honestly just eye balled it and knew if they were too long I could make a big hem.

You would think after using the same pattern 5 times I would be out of fit issues, but from looking at these pictures it looks like I might need a little more space in the bust and a little less space around the tummy.

Construction wise I used a small zigzag stitch on my Bernina and then finished all of the seams with gray serger thread. I’ve had my serger for over a year and just made the switch from rainbow thread. I think I’ve finally learned enough to not need the color coding to adjust tension issues!

I really love a raglan sleeve and plan to make similar hacks to the White Russian to make some raglan t-shirts. I also have some Merino from The Fabric Store that I am going to do this same hack with and also make the neckband slightly skinnier.


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