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Monday Motiviation

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while! I’ve been sewing a lot the last month or so after a bit of a slump and it feels sew good to have new WIPs.


My friend Christine works for Quilty Box so I’ve been really interested listening to the interviews with the box curators on the Crafty Planner Podcast.

Speaking of Quilty Box, I was their featured maker a few weeks ago! It was a super stroke to my ego seeing people I don’t know comment on my polka dot Anna dress.

I also can’t wait to get my hands on their June box. The curator is Heather Givens and if her fabric for Windham wasn’t reason enough to want the box, 2 fellow NHMQG members have told me I look like her. Is she my spirit quilting sister? It’s possible!



I finished reading Me Before You and After You. If you’re looking for a good cry these are the books for you!

Winslow Coulottes from Helen of Helen’s Closet, give these to me!

As someone who proudly still owns her American Girl Doll (#TeamMolly), I found this piece imagining them as adults very entertaining.

One of the reasons I started sewing was to make vintage inspired outfits. Annelies takes this one step further with the coolest hair, makeup and outfits.


I’ve been listening/watching old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy while sewing over the past few weeks, but other than that there hasn’t been much TV watching. I did manage to sneak in the first episode of the sewing bee thanks to Tunnel Bear, but other than that most of my screen time is computer/work related!


New boyfriend equals new obsession with man sewing patterns! Must make him all the things! With this new obsession I’m noticing that my usual method of stalking blogs for info about new patterns is lacking. Where are all the male sewing bloggers or ladies who are making clothes for their guys?

In addition to Man Sewing, I’m currently obsessed with paper piecing. When I’m at my machine lately it’s to paper piece. I do find myself in need of all new clothes for an upcoming trip to Montreal though so this will have to stop. Want to read more about my adventures in paper piecing? Take a look.

I pretty much pulled a Maria when I finished my Icy Waters quilt over the weekend. I went right outside, danced around and took some pictures for my blog of course!


I had a $60 Amazon credit from the recent class action lawsuit about ebooks and digital music. I spent it on fabric obviously. Check your accounts people!

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  1. Pauline Wright says

    Thread Theory for patterns, Blogs Peter Lappin at Male Pattern Boldness and Devon Man Sewing.

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