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Cashmerette Harrison Shirt

In March I had the honor of attending a weekend long shirt making class at the Cashmerette headquarters! Jenny is offering her first (of I hope many) online class for the Harrison shirt pattern and Dawn and I were her willing test subjects. Interested in the class? Find it here!

The shirt had not been released at the time of the class, but it had been tested. Jenny noticed a few changes she needed to make in the instructions while she was instructing us that were made before the final pattern was printed so you are in for a real treat of a pattern!

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I’ve seen shirt patterns with princess seams before and I’ve seen big 4 shirt patterns come in cup sizes, but I’ve never seen both together. These two combined in the Harrison shirt make for the most perfect fit. This is not to say I haven’t made changes, but right out of the envelope this is a great pattern!

The pattern is intended to be long sleeves with a a tower placket. The method in the instructions for creating the placket is the easiest I have used. The folds you make are larger so when you are top stitching there is a little bit more room for error. Not that you’ll make any errors, but it’s good to be prepared!

The double princess seams are a great design feature in the aesthetic manner as well as in the practical manner. They make the shirt look more interesting while creating the perfect amount of space for your boobs. This feature would worry me if I had used a plaid for the shirt, but Dawn did and her version looks great. If you use a plaid just be careful, but also keep in mind that 100% perfect plaid matching on a curved seam will be tough.

I used the same Robert Kaufman polka dot chambray that I used for my first Granville (since given to my sister) and I’m excited to have this fabric back in my handmade wardrobe rotation! Hawthorne Threads has a very large selection of the Kaufman chambrays if you’re looking for them!

1 (30 of 80)

I used the size 14 C/D for this version and the fit is about 90% perfect. The sleeves need to be lengthened by about 1.5 inches and I need a little bit more room in the waist area because when I sit those buttons pop slightly.

I used Jenny’s Bernina to make my shirt and she had an amazing foot that everyone interested in shirt making should invest in. It’s called the edgestitch foot and it has a little bit that looks like a blade (but doesn’t cut) that you use to line things up for topstitching. It made topstitching so so easy! I’ll be getting one for my Bernina soon enough!

Not to be too self-centered, but how great are these photos? We’re getting a new website at work so we had a photographer come in I liked my photos so much so that I decided to use them here too.



  1. Found you through Jenny’s newsletter and I’m going to for the tri-fecta of stalking 😉 Followed you on instagram and now I’m commenting here! Love the shirt and the photos are amazing! g

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