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The Alder That Almost Wasn’t

I started this dress literally a year ago! I almost gave up on it after an unfortunate accident while installing the snaps. I hammered my left thumb pretty badly; it was cut and bruised and nasty. I have a new found respect for my buttonhole foot and plan on keeping the snapping to a minimum going forward.


I’ve made the Alder shirt dress once before and was excited to try my hand at it again with a few modifications. I added a little bit more length to the skirt, added pockets again and did a second FBA. I used the pattern piece I had already adjusted and just did an FBA on it again. I’m honestly not sure if this is “correct”, but it worked! The girls fit in nicely.

I had this fabric in my stash from when the Arizona line came out and when I saw that Teri had used it to make an Alder I had to copy her. Her button choice looks great and I bet she didn’t almost loose a finger installing them!

I wore this dress a lot this summer and am hoping to find some mustard jersey to make leggings and an Agnes top to wear with it in the fall and winter!

IMG_0804My mom really got me from a good angle in this shot.

For good measure, here are a few super cute pictures of my nephew and I! He’s just about twice this size now, we took these pictures in May.




  1. Your dress looks super cute on you! I did not lose a finger when making mine, thank goodness. However, I have decided mine is a size too small– it feels tight in the upper bust and I never wear it. I am so sad about it because I love that fabric so much. I should see if it’s still available and make a new one so we can still be twinsies!

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