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Icy Waters Quilt and Workshop

I made a quilt pattern called Icy Waters in warm colors, how ironic!

Amy Garro, of 13 Spools is know for her paper piecing and free-motion quilting, and in June my guild was lucky enough to host her for a weekend long paper piecing adventure.

The quilt we used for the Saturday workshop is the Icy Waters quilt from her book, Paper Pieced Modern. This quilt is made using just 1 block! There are versions of the block that are mirrored and you use different fabric combinations and rotations to give the finished quilt a fun water effect.img_1035

The prep for this quilt was pretty time consuming. Luckily, I took advantage of the awesome Xerox machine we have at work to copy my block pieces, so much easier than taping them all together!! I would suggest doing this if you can, whether at work or at Staples because you are going to be cutting a shit load of fabric for this quilt and the last thing you want to be doing is spending more time cutting and taping blocks together. I think I spent a solid 3 hours cutting my fabric.

A few people in the workshop used the same colors from Amy’s Book, Paper Pieced Modern, which was something I seriously considered. I’m still new to quilting, had yet to finish a paper pieced quilt and didn’t know if my thoughts on fabric would translate well to the finished product.

In the end I decided to just start with one fabric and go from there. I picked this print from Alison Glass (you can’t go wrong with an Alison Glass print my friends) and then using the handy color tool on the Hawthorn Threads website I found solids that were variations of the colors in the print. I intended to use a light blue where my quilt has yellow, but the blue that came was way too blue. Online it looked more minty. I didn’t have enough time to order more so I went over to Bits & Pieces looking for a suitable alternative. I found a light mint that would have worked, but the Kona Merinque caught my eye and I went for it.


During the class I was introduced to the add a quarter ruler and it is such a game changer for paper piecing. Seriously, I had a marathon paper piecing adventure at my guilds last retreat and I could have saved so much time with this ruler! I saw a set on MassDrop recently, but here is the link to the one I bought. Amy was a really great teacher and has lots of fun things to share, the ruler just being one of them. If you’re interested in paper piecing I higher recommend her book.

The workshop took place at Quilted Threads in Henniker. If you are somewhat local I highly recommend paying them a visit. They have a huge selection of quilting cottons, a whole section of chambrays, the best designers, Japanese fabrics, a room dedicated to super sale items and there are even fabrics in the bathroom!

We received 15% off the day of the workshop and in my attempt to get my fabric addiction in order I only purchased self threading needles and hand quilting weight thread: Self control is a real bitch.

We decided to issue a little challenge at the end of the workshop to see who could finish their quilt top by our next guild meeting (10 days away!).Of the 17 of us who took the workshop there were 6 finished tops at our June meeting! Our guilds weekend with Amy (including the awesome trunk show!) is also recapped on the guild blog. Take a look!


I did a little free motion quilting in the large yellow area on the upper left and then just sewed along the seam lines for the rest. I’m interested in free motion quilting, but I wasn’t ready to do a whole quilt yet. Baby steps! I bound this quilt with the same Alison Glass fabric that was my inspiration fabric.

I gave Warm Icy Waters to my boyfriend and I’ve seen him and his daughter wrapped up in it so I would say it’s getting the love it deserves!



  1. This is a gorgeous quilt!! I love the colours you’ve used. I’m new to quilting too and haven’t tried paper piecing yet. I did have a go at free motion embroidery the other day but think it’s going to take a looong time to get the hang of! Those are all gorgeous quilts in that bottom photo!

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