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Top 5 Hits Of 2016

Why hello! Fancy meeting you here considering I’ve been posting sporadically at best this year! I appreciate anyone who is still reading along with my sewing adventures. I decided to participate in Gillian’s Top 5 series to hopefully kick my blog writing back into gear!


Gingham Upton

I love this dress. Sometimes a fabric and a pattern are just perfect for each other and I think this is one of those times. I have another version cut out to wear to a wedding in April.


Merino Wool Appleton

Good things happen when I wear Appleton dresses so I needed a wool version for the cold New England winter. I ordered this merino to make a sweatshirt so it was interesting trying to squeeze the dress pieces onto it. I luckily made it work and so far I’ve worn this dress at least 4 times in 3 weeks. I’ll be blogging about it once I can get some decent photos!

Chambray Harrison Shirt

LOVE this shirt! Great for, great fabric and it’s perfect to wear for all occasions. Client meeting check, running errands check, photo shoot check. I’ve even worn this bad Larry to a field hockey game. I have another cut out and two pieces of Liberty fabric on standby for sleeveless versions.

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Icy Waters Quilt

My first paper pieced quilt! The class with Amy Garro was so fun and the pattern is great. The blocks are large and they are all the same block with different fabrics used so I think this was the perfect first paper piecing project.


Purple Sweatshirts

Someday my darling god child will be embarrassed to match me, but 2016 is not that time! She loves our matching purple sweatshirts and even has her mom send me pictures when she’s wearing it and I’m not around. Love that kid!


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