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The Maker Movement

I was interviewed two weeks ago by Boston Chronicle about my sewing experiences and wanted to share the video clip here!

17424708_1289528097801474_7441091979689375043_nClick on the image to view the video or visit the WCVB website.

This piece of the episode also features Gather Here, which is a fabulous store I have shopped at many a times and taken classes at so be sure to watch and hear from Virginia, the store owner.

I didn’t even realize until I saw the episode, but my segment is very Cashmerette Harrison focused! I was wearing a Harrison dress, they shared a picture of me in my chambray version, I was sewing up a purple sleeveless version (that I’m wearing as I type this) and I was cutting out another sleeveless version during the filming. I’ll give you one guess what my current favorite pattern is 🙂


  1. I just saw you on Chronicle. Looking forward to following your blog. I’m an avid sewist with so-so results sewing my own clothing. Nice to meet you!

  2. Christine Ford says

    Carolanne, just saw Chronicle episode, loved it. Can you tell me what rotary cutter you were using? Thank you.

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