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Fabulous Flora

On March 22, 2014 I posted a photo to Instagram asking people to tell me which pattern to make next: The Mortmain or The Flora.  I went with the Mortmain (seen here) and made a muslin of Flora within a few weeks.

Wellll, it took 3 years, 2 month and about a week for me to get back to her. I needed to do a full bust adjustment and had no idea how to at the time so I just said to hell with it and used the skirt a bunch of times.

When I saw the Outback Wife line of Bark Cloth by Gertrude Made I thought it would work perfectly as Flora and set to work drafting my FBA! With 3 years of alterations under my belt it was easy peasy!

One of the first Indie patterns I ever made used Bark Cloth from Grey’s Fabric and I always look for it now so I was very excited when this collection was released. I first learned about it on the Village Haberdashery Instagram, but ordered mine from Red Thread Studios to avoid pesky customs charges. Side note: If you have a good source for Bark Cloth please send it my way for future projects!

I was tempted by the navy blue color way of this fabric, but have been drawn to warm colors lately and decided to go for the mustard. Without further ado, here is my Flora!

FullSizeRenderI made two modifications to the skirt. I used the Flora skirt pattern pieces, but gathered them instead of the pleats and I added pockets. I feel pretty strongly that all dresses and skirts should have pockets, it makes life so much easier!

A lovely dress deserves lovely insides so I lined this bodice with orchid colored stretch silk from Mood. Whenever someone complements me on the dress I say, “Wait until you feel the inside”. Luckily with the high neck, folding the top down slightly still leaves quite a bit to the imagination.

My best friends sister is getting married in October and I think this might be my dress for the special day. The mustard color will go perfectly with the turning leaves of NH in the fall. Plus, it’s great for twirling!

PS- I’ve made a second Flora since this one and somehow figured out how to bind the neck with bias binding instead of a lining while keeping the straps as written. Stay tuned for another post on that!


  1. Such a lovely inspiring make. Well done . I have some of the Out back wife barkcloth too😊. Totally agree on pockets.

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