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Folk Floral Quilt Prep

Friends, I am so excited about this quilt that I wanted to share some information about the prep that has been going into it.

My guild (NHMQG), the Seacoast Modern Quilt Guild and the Cambridge Modern Quilt Guild are hosting Anna Maria Horner for 3 days of workshops in April next year and I was really hoping to take the Folk Floral quilt class, but it didn’t make the cut when all members were surveyed. Instead, I took the class on CreativeBug! I’m signed up to take a hand quilting class with Anna Maria instead so I’m thrilled! Perhaps I’ll even hand quilt this very quilt!

I have placed so many fabric orders and have barely made a dent in the blocks yet so I am hoping that sharing some of my prep will help you if you decide to make this quilt.


Image taken from here

Background Fabrics:

The sample quilt uses Anna Maria’s Skipping Stones fabrics for the background, but the one in the center looks like a fabric from Mod Corsage to me so that’s what I got. The fabrics create a really cool ombre affect that I wanted to copy because I think it makes the flower heads and leaves really pop. This need to create an ombre brings me to my first mistake. Obviously some of the fabrics are used more than others, but I just ordered 1 yard of each. [facepalm]

If you would like to create the ombre effect in the quilt size shown, here is what you need from center out. All blocks are 12.5×12.5 inches.

4 blocks of Mod Corsage Observations – Graphite. One yard of fabric will yield you 6 blocks and a little left over.

12 blocks of Skipping Stones Coloring Garden – Stone. Two yards of fabric will yield you 15 blocks. I think I could have gotten away with 1.5 yards if I had ordered it all in one go, but since I ordered 1 yard and then needed more I ordered a second full yard. 

18 blocks of Skipping Stones – Coreopsis – Cloud. I ended up needing 2.5 yards of this fabric. Based on my calculations I should have been able to cut 21 blocks, but I must have “fat fingered” the cutting at some point and only ended up with 19.

12 blocks of Skipping Stones Eucalyptus – Silver. Two yards of fabric will yield you 15 blocks. I think I could have gotten away with 1.5 yards if I had ordered it all in one go, but since I ordered 1 yard and then needed more I ordered a second full yard. 

4 blocks of Skipping Stones Overachiever – Mortar. One yard of fabric will yield you 6 blocks and a little left over.

Fun fact, with the assumption that you are using 44 inch wide fabric you will be able to get 6 blocks per yard of fabric. However, 1 yard of fabric is a mere 1.5 inches short of being able to get another 3 blocks!

I want to mention that I wasn’t able to find all of these fabrics for sale from the same retailer. I placed an order with Fabric.com and Amazon (who owns Fabric.com, but didn’t have the same fabrics listed which I found bizarre), for my first go around. When I had to reorder I used Fabric.com and a store on Etsy since not everything was available in my needed quantities. Thank goodness for free shipping!

I just did a search in my email and Hawthorne Threads announced the Skipping Stones collection in early 2016 so perhaps that’s why I couldn’t find all of it anywhere! Hawthorne still has 8 of the prints if you’re in need.

Flower Heads and Leaves:

I really wanted to use all Anna Maria’s fabrics for this quilt so I ordered fat quarter bundles of Fibs and Fables and Floral Retrospective. I also ordered a charm pack of Mod Corsage. And then read in the directions in Creative Bug that the scraps for the flower heads and leaves should be at least 8×8! I printed two of the templates and cut one down to accommodate the 5×5 charm squares so I could still use the squares. The way I look at it is this: All of the flowers are different anyway, why not have a few that are a tiny bit smaller? That’s life, your garden won’t always be perfectly symmetrical, but it’s still beautiful.

Of course, all of these fabrics came from different sources. What am I up to now, 7 online orders?


I decided that I wanted to use greens for all the stems. I thought about using the same Kona for all of the blocks, but in the end I decided to place yet another fabric order (#8) of Anna Maria’s fabrics from various lines in various shades of green!


Here are the fabrics I chose going clockwise: True Colors, Crescent Bloom in Turquoise, True Colors, Filigree in Lime, Halos Wideback in Glen, Loominous Yarn Dyes, Seedlings in Grove, and Loominous Yarn Dyes, Shadowed Path in Mint.

In theory I will use each of them for 10 blocks, but I may play favorites. The strip of fabric is 1 inch wide and Anna Maria suggest it be at least 18 inches long so if my calculations are correct, you could order 1 yard of stem fabric and have enough to make 72 stems.

I’ll be using some of these for leaves as well.

Various Other Bits:

I also ordered a 12.5×12.5 inch ruler to make cutting the blocks super simple. It had actually been on my Amazon Wish List since last summer so this seemed like a good time to go for it!

Speaking of cutting, I bought an 18mm rotary cutter. In the Creative Bug class Anna Maria says not to use a rotary cutter for the flower heads and leave shapes, but I am hoping that the small one will make easy work of this process and then I will end up with circle and leaf shapes to use for a future project. We shall see!

And my last additional bit is a 4 pack of 50wt Aurifil threads in various shades of grey so I can match my thread to my background fabric.

The sample quilt uses a vibrant pink for the border, but I have no idea what to use for mine yet. I love the pink, but it’s not usually a go to color for me. Part of me is thinking Emerald Green, but I’ll cross that bridge when I’m closer to having finished blocks!

I’m heading to the Cape for a quilt retreat the first weekend in October and am planning to work on these blocks in between some Christmas present quilts I have in process. Check my Instagram for progress shots and when the quilt is done I’ll be sure to share it here!

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