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Hello 2018

I’m not really one for resolutions, but some yearly goals, sure! I’ve come up with 5

Slowing Down

My sewing time is limited so I’ve gotten into the habit of rushing through things to have something finished. Within a few uses I notice things that had I taken a tiny bit more time could have been better. So with that in mind, 2018 will be the year that I slow down!

In my life I have made 13 quilts (I’m including a patchwork duvet in that number) and 7 of those were made in 2017! The more I quilt the more I love it, but I’ve seen a sharp decrease in the numbers of garments made since I started quilting. I’m planning to make the sampler quilt from the 2018 Quilters Planner and Frances Firefly for my nieces first birthday (she is currently only 3 months old) so I’m also going to try and savor these projects and not rush them. Sometimes the week before my monthly guild meeting I go into a mad rush to have something to show at show and tell so that’s a habit I want to break. If I don’t have something to show, that’s okay!

Tackling New Things

This is tied to slowing down, but I want to do more hand work. I’m attaching my first bodice lining by hand as we speak and am scheduled to take Inspiration By Hand with Anna Maria Horner in April. I learned reverse appliqué in 2017 with one of her patterns and it may just be my favorite quilt I’ve ever made.


I would also like to quilt more of my own quilts. I have a domestic machine and have used two methods from Walk by Jacquie Gering with great results. Some of the methods are more intricate so I can going to try them out on smaller quilts (like Frances Firefly!) so I’m not dealing with mounds of fabric everywhere.

Finish UFOs

When I moved in August I found 3 projects I had cut out and lost track of. They were in a serving dish in the dining room at the parents house. I usually cut fabric in that room so I’m assuming that’s how they ended up there! One of the shirts is a Granville that I cut out using Kona Cotton before I realized it wasn’t quite right for clothes so I’m going to scrap that one and use the bits of fabric for quilting.

Another item found was a pair of Ginger Jeans using Cone Mills Denim. I searched the house for those at least 2 years ago and was so sad to have lost the fabric, but now it’s back and I’m on it!

Ginger_Jeans_Envelope_PROOF-02_1280x1280 2

Make More Separates

I love dresses and I wear them a lot! But that doesn’t mean my wardrobe isn’t missing separates. I find myself reaching for the same jeans and tops constantly. I need to branch out and make more of what I love. I started this year by making 4 Harrison shirts because it was what I always wanted to wear. I’m planning some trousers for 2018, to finish the long lost Ginger jeans and some skirts with pockets. On the shirt front I’m planning some Renfrews, a little light hacking of the Lenox into a shirt and the Anderson Blouse.


1201_Sewaholic_Renfrew_Envelope_Front__96572.1382477441.1280.1280Anderson-Blouse-Shopify 2

Use What I Have

I don’t think I truly grasped how much sewing and quilting related “stuff” I own until I moved. At my parents house I did most of my sewing and cutting in the dining room, but my mom and I had a dedicated sewing room where everything was stored. My boyfriend already had a desk in the bedroom so I set my sewing machine up in front of his computer when I want to use it (which let’s be honest, is almost daily) and my serger is usually on the floor in the bedroom somewhere waiting to be needed. I brought my dark ikea cube shelves with me and have made an effort to keep all things sewing related within it, but I’ve slowly needed more space. I now have 3 baskets in other areas of the condo that are also filled with fabric, plastic project boxes under the bed, a bag of Anna Maria Horner scraps in the closest, my dress form and ironing board in the laundry room and a basket full of WIPs on top of my dresser. I really need to use the fabric I already own to try and get all things sewing related back to the one cabinet!

I’m turning a lot of these goals into my 2018 Make Nine which I’ll post about soon so stay tuned.

Happy New Year!


  1. qplourde says

    Great goals! I like the slowing down one, I may need to steal it. I’ve noticed that I rush through things too especially with the limited time I have for sewing. Recently one of the collars on my shirt got a bit messed up because I was rushing and not paying attention to what I was doing. Can’t wait to see your new makes for 2018!

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