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Finished! Folk Floral Quilt

Back in September I shared my Folk Floral Quilt in the beginning stages and today I’m excited to share the finished quilt with you! This is it all bound and living in it’s rightful place on our bed! The bright cheerfulness of the florals really brightens the gloom of winter if you ask me.


I love paper piecing, but reverse appliqué quickly became a favorite way to piece during the construction of this quilt top. I find the process very soothing and forgiving. If you don’t catch the fabric just right you can just add a few more stitches of wait until your finished and quilt over it. This pattern in particular is very forgiving because honestly, as long as you like the flower fabrics, who cares if the stems line up perfectly? I’d rather have a very big garden full of flowers than a few perfectly symmetrical ones.


Now, if you’ve never tried Creative Bug, you can watch this class during a free trial and I highly recommend it. When I was researching reverse appliqué prior to starting this quilt the majority of the tutorials I found were for raw edge reverse appliqué and although 2 of my flowers ended up having a bit of a raw edge, that was not something I was striving for.


A friend from our guild quilted this for me and even delivered it to me at work, proving yet again that sewing friends really are the best friends! She used a pantograph with leaves and stems in green thread which I had chosen. I toyed with the idea of having a floral pantograph used, but decided that it might take away from my flowers. I’m getting more comfortable quilting my own quilts, but this one was very large and I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable maneuvering that amount of fabric with my Bernina!

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