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Goal Tracking – March 2018

It’s time for another riveting installment of my goals for 2018 update!

Slowing Down

I spent a lot of time researching appliqué techniques in February in preparation for teaching myself how to do needle turn appliqué! I’m going to start with the Aeriel Grove pattern from Savor Each Stitch, which is a rather fitting title considering my goal. I’m going to use all of my Carolyn Friedlander scraps for the circle shapes and a low volume print of hers for the background. I’m going to take it one row at a time and see how I do. I anticipate this becoming a wall hanging or table runner, not a full quilt.

I also borrowed Heather Jones book, Quilt Local, from my library and started noticing things all around me that I could turn into quilts. I spent a good 4 hours plotting out an idea that was inspired by Broadchurch and I found that process to be very satisfying. I’m still working on the math so we’ll see how it goes.

Tackling New Things

I did some more hand work this month, this time with quilting. I can’t share what yet because it’s a gift for a very social media savvy human being, but it’s coming together very nicely and was the bulk of my fabric used this month.

Finish UFOs

I haven’t finished any of the UFOs yet, I am clearly suffering from “shiny object syndrome” and keep buying new fabric that gets used immediately, while precut projects are left in their newly organized spaces. I will get better with age and March is my birth month so this is my month!

Make More Separates

I made one Renfew for myself this month. I love that pattern so stinking much! Sometimes I see a fabulous knit fabric and just have to make it into a Renfrew because I know the fit is great and the pattern itself has the arm and waist bands that you can use or not, depending on the look you’re going for.

Use What I Have

I did not do so well at this goal yet again. I purchased 29.5 yards of fabric in January and 44.5 yards in February and have only used 23.25 for the year. My goal within this goal is to at least get my used number to be higher than the purchased number and the month of March includes two guild sewing days so I have high hopes. I’m not really proud of this, but when I heard the announcement that Free Spirit was closing I panic purchased some Tula Pink and Anna Maria Horner. I’m so glad they were acquired and won’t be closing after all, but now I have about 9 yards of fabric with no immediate plans! The Cone Mills factory in North Carolina also closed in January so when I found that ThreadBare had a lot of their varieties still I stock piled those. All in all, 16.5 yards of fabric were what I’m calling panic purchases.

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  1. Great idea to update your goals to hold yourself accountable…
    It looks like you are doing pretty well 🙂

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