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Many Cashmerette Harrison Shirts

This post has been a long time coming, since October 2016 in fact! I just kept making more versions of this pattern and said I would wait until I finished this one or that one to write the blog and it just became this vicious cycle and today it ends! It’s a happy ending though, 5 Happy Harrison Shirts. I’ve made it in Liberty Lawn, Liberty Art Print, Chambray, and even Quilting Cotton and there has yet to be a version that I don’t love. Do you want to hear all about my different versions? Read on!

You can read all about my first Harrison shirt in all her glory here.

After the pattern was released Jenny created an expansion pack to turn the shirt into a dress. I tested the expansion for her and have a great Liberty Harrison Shirt Dress to show for it! I wore this dress when I was interviewed by Chronicle and if you’re interested to watch that you can find it here!  I really love this fabric, it’s pencils! I do a lot of writing for my job so I felt it fitting that I should have a dress with pencils on it. At one time ModCloth has sneakers made from the same fabric and a little piece of me regrets that I didn’t buy them! This fabric is long gone, but came from Guthrie Ghani.

Next up is a Liberty Lawn version that I got at Pintuck & Purl! I absolutely love my purple sleeveless Liberty Harrison Shirt; I love the color, I love the buttons (recycled from a ripped J.Crew cardigan) and I love this goofy picture of Ryan and I while I’m wearing it. I can actually be seen sewing this version during my Chronicle segment so this shirt is practically famous! It works with blue jeans, my burnt orange jeans, my purple jeans and a pair of purple chino shorts from the Gap. It works with a cardigan over it or a Sewaholic Renfrew under it. It’s basically my favorite shirt because I can wear it with anything.


Another classic print turned into a classic sleeveless top, I actually wore this Liberty of London Harrison while I was in London at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Here’s a picture of Ryan and I avoiding the rain in a yurt like structure that was on display in the garden. This makes me want to go back to London right now! This fabric also came from Guthrie Ghani so basically it crossed the ocean to get to me and then came back across the ocean with me, I wish I traveled as much as my clothes!

Speaking of vacation, you know how before a vacation you decide you need to make all new clothes? Or is that just me? Well this Carolyn Friedlander Harrison Shirt was intended to be taken to London last summer, but I didn’t finish in time. I did have it done in time to wear on a wine tasting trip to California in November though, how nice does it look under my orange safety vest while Sean and I toured the J.Lohr winery? During One Week One Pattern I tried to get creative and not just wear my shirts as is, so here you also see the shirt popping out from under a Renfrew for a pop of color!

My Rifle Paper Co. Menagerie Harrison Shirt is another expansion pack test. Jenny created a full bicep adjustment for the pattern and her timing could not have been better. On the 16th of October I cut out this fabric to make a short sleeved Harrison Shirt and on the 17th of October I got an email from Jenny that she was toying with the idea of a full bicep adjustment for the sleeve. Of course I offered to test and recut my sleeves! My long sleeved version wasn’t super tight in the arms, but I was after slightly more room. This version made it out to California as well!

So that’s all for now, but believe me when I say that there will be more Harrison shirts in my wardrobe in the near future! I’m thinking another chambray version and a rayon, but we shall see!

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  1. qplourde says

    Great job on the shirts and dress! It’s great to see what you’ve been working on, it’s been a long time. Congrats on the Chronicle appearance, glad to see you are still sewing!

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