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Faceted Jewels II Quilt

Gentleman Prefer Blondes famously taught the world that diamonds are a girls best friend, but I disagree. When you can paper piece 20 jewels, who needs a diamond?

Faceted Jewels II is my second project from Amy Garro’s book, Paper Pieced Modern and I am so thrilled with the finish.

If you want to learn paper piecing, buy this book!! Or even better, take a class with Amy. She visited my guild in 2016 and was a fabulous teacher. Both quilts I have made from her book are made up of one block which makes the cutting process nice and straight forward and you can get into a nice rhythm. If you’re thinking about getting into quilting I highly recommend foundation paper piecing. You sew over paper which helps you to be accurate, but also creates really great points. Plus, pulling the paper off at the end is so satisfying! Basically, whatever your skill level is, I think you need this book!

I’m so excited to share this quilt with the world today! I’ve been hard at work on it for over a year. This quilt top took me over 60 hours to piece and it was truly a labor of love! My grandmother saw this quilt in the book before my class and said, “Why can’t you make this one in the class?”, well now I have and I hope she’s proud with the outcome from her sewing room in heaven!

Here are some of my progress shots.


Each block has 44 pieces so in the end this quilt is made up of 880 pieces of fabric, holy seams! You don’t truly appreciate the value of a good iron until you’re working on a quilt with this many seams if you ask me. I used Kona Snow for the background and 3 Kona blues and 3 Kona greens. I started with one green and one blue that I thought looked good together and then I used my printed Kona card (this one is similar) to choose variations of those colors. Each block has 4 quadrants so for mine 2 of them are blue and 2 are green.

I knew I wanted to send this quilt out to a long armer almost as soon as I got started. I sketched out so many concepts for this quilt and in the end decided on what I’ve dubbed ‘The Emerald City”. I was inspired by the shot from The Wizard of Oz when the gang first see’s the Emerald City. I filled in the white space in my sketch with windy motifs which to me make me think of the Wicked Witch on her broom.EmeraldCity_aColorLo.jpg

After marathon sewing sessions all last spring to get the top done, I sent it off to be long armed by Lorri Wurtzler, of Seventh Heaven Quilting. Lorri is a fellow member of the NHMQG and she knocked it out of the park! Here’s a closeup of the quilting that is amazing!


Once I got the quilt back from her I let it sit for months before I attached the binding. Luckily my guild is having a WIP contest so I was encouraged to get it finished. Now it’s on and the quilt is ready to be loved! Here’s Ryan enjoying the quilt even without the binding in place!


After I got the binding on I ran around our condo complex one morning trying to find things to hang it on and get some pictures. How did I do?



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