My grandmother started teaching me how to sew when I was just a little girl, but at the time I lacked interest. Sometime between college and grad school, when I got sick of buying RTW clothes that didn’t always fit great and other creative pursuits didn’t really work for me, I decided to try my hand at sewing clothes. While painting Van Gogh by numbers took too long and I’m a hopeless knitter, a chance encounter with a vintage replica pattern was what really solidified my love of this craft.

Slowly but surely I have been sewing more and more and plan to use this blog to document my successes and failures. I sew my own clothes for a few reasons. It’s fun, is mentally stimulating and because I got sick of trying to fit into standard sizes and not liking how I looked in most RTW clothing. I started a blog to document the things I make and maybe make some friends with similar interests.

Should you be curious, you can find me on: FacebookTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn!

Some quick notes:

I do not alter my photos unless there’s something really bad that needs to be hidden. Like a giant cut on my leg in one photo.

I require comment approval, but I accept all comments. As of today I have never refused one, but if something really offense comes about I may change my mind.

My email address is carolannel.donovan@gmail.com. Please feel free to reach out about anything!

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