Author: Carolanne Donovan

Folk Floral Quilt Prep

Friends, I am so excited about this quilt that I wanted to share some information about the prep that has been going into it. My guild (NHMQG), the Seacoast Modern Quilt Guild and the Cambridge Modern Quilt Guild are hosting Anna Maria Horner for 3 days of workshops in April next year and I was really hoping to take the Folk Floral quilt class, but it didn’t make the cut when all members were surveyed. Instead, I took the class on CreativeBug! I’m signed up to take a hand quilting class with Anna Maria instead so I’m thrilled! Perhaps I’ll even hand quilt this very quilt! I have placed so many fabric orders and have barely made a dent in the blocks yet so I am hoping that sharing some of my prep will help you if you decide to make this quilt. Background Fabrics: The sample quilt uses Anna Maria’s Skipping Stones fabrics for the background, but the one in the center looks like a fabric from Mod Corsage to me so that’s what …

Fabulous Flora

On March 22, 2014 I posted a photo to Instagram asking people to tell me which pattern to make next: The Mortmain or The Flora.  I went with the Mortmain (seen here) and made a muslin of Flora within a few weeks. Wellll, it took 3 years, 2 month and about a week for me to get back to her. I needed to do a full bust adjustment and had no idea how to at the time so I just said to hell with it and used the skirt a bunch of times. When I saw the Outback Wife line of Bark Cloth by Gertrude Made I thought it would work perfectly as Flora and set to work drafting my FBA! With 3 years of alterations under my belt it was easy peasy! One of the first Indie patterns I ever made used Bark Cloth from Grey’s Fabric and I always look for it now so I was very excited when this collection was released. I first learned about it on the Village Haberdashery Instagram, …

My 2017 #VintagePledge

During 2017, I, Carolanne Donovan, pledge to sew at least 3 garments from Vintage patterns and blog about them. I participated in the pledge in 2015 and only made 3 of my pledged 6 items, whoops! I decided to not make a pledge in 2016 and honestly ignored my vintage patterns. Why? Because some new thing came out that I just had to have. On the bright side I didn’t add to the collection. This year I’m back at it! I’ve been posting about my makes less frequently so part of my pledge is to also document the garments with blog posts. Perhaps I will finally finish my swing coat or maybe I’ll end up making 3 of the same dress. We shall see. Here are a few of my favorite vintage patterns that will likely be making an appearance this year!

The Maker Movement

I was interviewed two weeks ago by Boston Chronicle about my sewing experiences and wanted to share the video clip here! Click on the image to view the video or visit the WCVB website. This piece of the episode also features Gather Here, which is a fabulous store I have shopped at many a times and taken classes at so be sure to watch and hear from Virginia, the store owner. I didn’t even realize until I saw the episode, but my segment is very Cashmerette Harrison focused! I was wearing a Harrison dress, they shared a picture of me in my chambray version, I was sewing up a purple sleeveless version (that I’m wearing as I type this) and I was cutting out another sleeveless version during the filming. I’ll give you one guess what my current favorite pattern is 🙂

Exploring Bag Making

I’ve been following Noodlehead since I started quilting and it honestly never dawned on me to make one of her bags. It never dawned on me to make a bag period! The hardware and lots of pieces intimidated me a bit. I toyed around with the idea of making some simple tote bags, but I have so many tote bags. Free bag with this purchase, free bag with that purchase, etc, etc. If I was going to make something it was going to be awesome and not even in the same realm as a free tote! When I saw the Noodlehead Explorer tote I knew it was time to take the plunge. The pattern is very cute and although I made this version exactly as the pattern says it also has a lot of potential for hacking. I’m thinking magnetic snaps instead of a zipper, no front flap, extra pockets on the inside, the smaller version with the cross body strap; so many possibilities! I had purchased some waxed canvas 2 years ago from Gather Here …