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Environmentally Friendly Sweatshirts

I’m sorry to have left you hanging for over a month, someday I’ll post about what has been going on in my life, just be forewarned that there have been a lot of changes and unfortunately sewing, taking pictures of my sewing and blogging have fallen at the wayside. The sweatshirts I want to share with you today were actually made in November, but I got a great picture by accident this morning. If my cousin Jon ever gets sick of the tent business, I think he’d make a great photographer. Onto the makes! A “side effect” if you will, of making my own clothes is that I feel like I’m being more environmentally friendly. However, I’m a realist, I know many fabric lines are not made in ideal conditions and can contain harsh chemicals that aren’t good for the people who work around them. I know that the people in those factories are often paid just as poorly as the people who work in sweatshops, but I also know that buying a pattern from …

Coco And Mini Coco

I’ve been wanting to make my goddaughter Julia and I matching outfits basically since the day she was born and Coco was the perfect choice. Its a knit so its comfy whether your 2 (almost 3) or 25, and the style is timeless. The fabric I ordered to make them is a similar stripe to the shirt I was wearing when I first met Julia, when she was a mere 2 days old! I’m a tad sentimental when it comes to her.