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My 2017 #VintagePledge

During 2017, I, Carolanne Donovan, pledge to sew at least 3 garments from Vintage patterns and blog about them. I participated in the pledge in 2015 and only made 3 of my pledged 6 items, whoops! I decided to not make a pledge in 2016 and honestly ignored my vintage patterns. Why? Because some new thing came out that I just had to have. On the bright side I didn’t add to the collection. This year I’m back at it! I’ve been posting about my makes less frequently so part of my pledge is to also document the garments with blog posts. Perhaps I will finally finish my swing coat or maybe I’ll end up making 3 of the same dress. We shall see. Here are a few of my favorite vintage patterns that will likely be making an appearance this year! Advertisements

The Maker Movement

I was interviewed two weeks ago by Boston Chronicle about my sewing experiences and wanted to share the video clip here! Click on the image to view the video or visit the WCVB website. This piece of the episode also features Gather Here, which is a fabulous store I have shopped at many a times and taken classes at so be sure to watch and hear from Virginia, the store owner. I didn’t even realize until I saw the episode, but my segment is very Cashmerette Harrison focused! I was wearing a Harrison dress, they shared a picture of me in my chambray version, I was sewing up a purple sleeveless version (that I’m wearing as I type this) and I was cutting out another sleeveless version during the filming. I’ll give you one guess what my current favorite pattern is 🙂

Top 5 Misses Of 2016

My misses don’t usually make it to the blog, so you’re in for a treat of sorts by seeing unblogged items! Blue Moneta  I was really excited for this dress. I already have 2 blue Moneta dresses, but one has sleeves and the other has a collar, so I was excited for a sleeveless naked neck version. The Andover jersey just doesn’t do it for me though. I’ve used it for shirts before and it’s good, but in this case it just shows every little lump and bump. Not flattering at all. I wore this dress to my work summer outing and it was a fun day despite the less than flattering dress! Unfinished Feathers Quilt I lost interest in the Feathers Quilt when I started my Icy Waters quilt and hope to revisit this at my quilt guilds’ spring retreat! Baggy Armed Archer This shirt is such a disaster. I started it in June 2014 to wear as a Halloween costume. The pockets looked bad so I decided to take them off and didn’t …

Top 5 Hits Of 2016

Why hello! Fancy meeting you here considering I’ve been posting sporadically at best this year! I appreciate anyone who is still reading along with my sewing adventures. I decided to participate in Gillian’s Top 5 series to hopefully kick my blog writing back into gear! Gingham Upton I love this dress. Sometimes a fabric and a pattern are just perfect for each other and I think this is one of those times. I have another version cut out to wear to a wedding in April. Merino Wool Appleton Good things happen when I wear Appleton dresses so I needed a wool version for the cold New England winter. I ordered this merino to make a sweatshirt so it was interesting trying to squeeze the dress pieces onto it. I luckily made it work and so far I’ve worn this dress at least 4 times in 3 weeks. I’ll be blogging about it once I can get some decent photos! Chambray Harrison Shirt LOVE this shirt! Great for, great fabric and it’s perfect to wear for all occasions. …

Monday Motiviation

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while! I’ve been sewing a lot the last month or so after a bit of a slump and it feels sew good to have new WIPs. Listen: My friend Christine works for Quilty Box so I’ve been really interested listening to the interviews with the box curators on the Crafty Planner Podcast. Speaking of Quilty Box, I was their featured maker a few weeks ago! It was a super stroke to my ego seeing people I don’t know comment on my polka dot Anna dress. I also can’t wait to get my hands on their June box. The curator is Heather Givens and if her fabric for Windham wasn’t reason enough to want the box, 2 fellow NHMQG members have told me I look like her. Is she my spirit quilting sister? It’s possible! Read: I finished reading Me Before You and After You. If you’re looking for a good cry these are the books for you! Winslow Coulottes from Helen of Helen’s Closet, give these …