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My 2017 #VintagePledge

During 2017, I, Carolanne Donovan, pledge to sew at least 3 garments from Vintage patterns and blog about them. I participated in the pledge in 2015 and only made 3 of my pledged 6 items, whoops! I decided to not make a pledge in 2016 and honestly ignored my vintage patterns. Why? Because some new thing came out that I just had to have. On the bright side I didn’t add to the collection. This year I’m back at it! I’ve been posting about my makes less frequently so part of my pledge is to also document the garments with blog posts. Perhaps I will finally finish my swing coat or maybe I’ll end up making 3 of the same dress. We shall see. Here are a few of my favorite vintage patterns that will likely be making an appearance this year!

Planning For Me Made May

Inspired by Rochelle of Lucky Lucille, I’ve decided to create a plan of action for Me Made May. I’ve been wanting to participate for the last two years but did not feel my hand made wardrobe was large enough for anything more than a 2 times per week pledge and that feels like cheating. I’m going to wear me made everyday in May gosh darn it!