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Adventures In Paper Piecing

It’s weird to think that at this time last year I hadn’t made a quilt. The words spray baste and warm and white meant nothing to me, but now I have a minor addiction. I have 3 quilt projects in progress right now: A voile quilt to give as a Christmas gift, I’m collecting fabric for a Carolyn Friedlander quilt and of course, the project that brought on this post, a giant Alison Glass Feathers quilt! As a huge fan of her fabric lines, I bought this pattern not long after it was released in early 2014 with the intention of eventually getting to it. Well the time has come and I’m a bit obsessed with paper piecing now, even if it makes a huge mess! Like everyone I know in the quilting community, I fell in love with the Blueberry Park line from Karen Lewis and ordered myself a fat quarter bundle and matching Kona solids to get started on this quilt. The duvet on my bed is gray so I decided to use …

The Making of a Great Coat: Part 1

Last week I became obsessed with a swing coat that I saw during a season 4 episode of Call The Midwife. I needed to make one! This was not a project that I am going into lightly so I’ve been using a lot of my free time researching this type of coat and planning to make one of my own. I’ve already ordered some swatches, but I can imagine this process taking a good amount of time so I wanted to document my findings.

Snow Day Sewing

New England was blanketed with snow yesterday so I was snowed in and worked from home. I cut out a new pattern during my lunch break and then sewed it up once the work day was over. I don’t think I’d like a job where I have to work from home 100% of the time but its great having the option when the weather is awful. Plus, sewing time mid-time! Win win 🙂

My Test Pavot Jacket

On my trip to NYC I bought fabric with the specific intention to make this jacket with. Seriously it was my only fabric goal! I got a nice wool and matching lining fabric yet the longer I waited to get started the more I second guessed my choice. First of all, the pattern doesn’t call for lining so I was going to add that on my own, secondly my wool is dry clean only, not exactly a deal breaker but inconvenient none the less and thirdly it’s really not meant for this type of jacket. So I accepted defeat and ordered some swatches of cotton twill from Mood as that’s what the Deer and Doe model for the pattern on their website is wearing and I’ve seen a lot of blogs where the authors have used it.