Homemade Wardrobe

photo (52)

Chrysanthemum Kim Dress


Liberty Renfrew


Double Gauze Anna

photo (56)

Nani Iro Delphine

2012-12-31 23.00.00-53Floral Southport Dress

photo (40)Amazing Agnes

Too much cleavage? Never!

Buchanan Dressing Gown

photo (42)Khaki Delphine Skirt

photo (38)Anna Maxi Skirt

photo (24)4 Mabel Skirts

photo (31)Polka Dot Moneta

photo (35)Purple Laurel

Big hair day!Purple Terry Knit Renfrew

photo (22)Sleeveless Granville

photo (17)Mortmain/Sureau Combo

photo (15)

Bicycle Alder


The Polka Dot Chambray Granville Shirt

photo (7)

Call the Midwife Coco

Matching head band that isn't home made! A great J.Crew clearance find a few years ago.

Gray Renfrew


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