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Many Cashmerette Harrison Shirts

This post has been a long time coming, since October 2016 in fact! I just kept making more versions of this pattern and said I would wait until I finished this one or that one to write the blog and it just became this vicious cycle and today it ends! It’s a happy ending though, 5 Happy Harrison Shirts. I’ve made it in Liberty Lawn, Liberty Art Print, Chambray, and even Quilting Cotton and there has yet to be a version that I don’t love. Do you want to hear all about my different versions? Read on! You can read all about my first Harrison shirt in all her glory here. After the pattern was released Jenny created an expansion pack to turn the shirt into a dress. I tested the expansion for her and have a great Liberty Harrison Shirt Dress to show for it! I wore this dress when I was interviewed by Chronicle and if you’re interested to watch that you can find it here!  I really love this fabric, it’s pencils! …

The Sorbetto Top

While I did not feel I had enough me made clothes to participate in the challenge this year, I gave myself a challenge to wear something me made every day for a week in May. I didn’t realize until that week that some of the items I have made are just too “fancy” to wear to work and for everyday life.