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The Brigitte Scarf

After finishing my Delphine skirt, I had a bit of fabric left over so I decided to make a matching scarf. My leftover fabric wasn’t big enough to make a 6”x25.5” piece on the fold as Tilly suggested in Love at First Stitch, so I made two 6”x20” pieces on the fold and sewed them together before following the rest of the steps.

Summer Staple Spree

I’ve noticed that I’m much more excited about sewing during the spring and summer. If I had to guess why, I’d say its because I tend to be drawn to dress patterns which are much more appropriate to wear in the warm months. While I love a good dress and can add tights and a cardigan to make it winter appropriate, I think its time to branch out and make some staple pieces, simple shirts, blouses and maybe even some pants!