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The Brave Little Mortmain Dress

When I saw this Cotton and Steel fabric my first thought was of Merida from Disney’s Brave so I knew I wanted to turn it into a dress that I could call my Brave dress. I don’t care how old I get, Disney movies will never loose their luster to me and now I have my god daughter to watch them with so I don’t accept anyone who passes judgement on my love of the animated princess.

The Feathered Mortmain

I’ve decided that the best thing about sick days is online pattern shopping. Laying around feeling like crap is no fun at all, even Law and Order SVU marathons and having your mother fetch you tea and toast doesn’t help, the day just feels wasted and then the next day you have a mountain of work to catch up on. Luckily for me (and you readers) I’ve found the cure for making a sick day more bearable. Online pattern shopping!