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Call the Midwife Coco

I’m not sorry at all to report that an 8th Coco has entered my home made wardrobe. As an added bonus, its the first of my 6 makes for my vintage pledge! Being a loyal tunnel bear subscriber, I have already watched the 4th season of Call the Midwife (sorry to my fellow US-ers!) and decided to recreate a top that Patsy wore a few times this season (first appearance is in episode 3).

A Few Of My Favorite Fabric Resources

When I first started sewing I only knew of one place to buy patterns and fabrics, Joann Fabrics. As I’ve gotten more and more into the craft (and into Indie patterns) I’ve found a lot of alternatives to old faithful Joanns both IRL and online. Incase you find yourself in need of some fabric, here is a recap of everywhere I love to buy it from!