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Poppy, Beautiful Poppy Jacket

I’m a sucker for a Wizard of Oz quote, even when it must be butchered to suit my needs (by the way, Pavot is French for Poppy). After all of the stalled starts (read about them here) because I couldn’t find a fabric to use and all of the sizing adjustments I needed to make, I honestly had low expectations for this jacket. Perhaps my added measures due to nervousness were what made it come out so good!

My Test Pavot Jacket

On my trip to NYC I bought fabric with the specific intention to make this jacket with. Seriously it was my only fabric goal! I got a nice wool and matching lining fabric yet the longer I waited to get started the more I second guessed my choice. First of all, the pattern doesn’t call for lining so I was going to add that on my own, secondly my wool is dry clean only, not exactly a deal breaker but inconvenient none the less and thirdly it’s really not meant for this type of jacket. So I accepted defeat and ordered some swatches of cotton twill from Mood as that’s what the Deer and Doe model for the pattern on their website is wearing and I’ve seen a lot of blogs where the authors have used it.