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I Made Jeans! Well sort of.

This pair certainly has their faults and are not typical jeans. No button, no fly and no pockets. But they are nearly identical to my favorite pair of J.Crew jeans. I should mention these J.Crew jeans were worn so much that they ripped and of course, they were no longer sold so finding a replacement pair was impossible and didn’t happen.

All you need is a little faith, trust, and pixie dust. – Pattern Hackathon Dress

This may be the first entry I started but it was the last one to be finished. I completely underestimated the amount of fabric I would need to make this Flora skirt. Due to the one directional print I cut the skirt pieces out in four pieces instead of 3 and it took 1 yard to cut each of them. When I had to reorder fabric not once but twice, I started working on alternatives but in the end I was able to finish this in the nick of time! For the bodice I used the Sew Over It Betty dress bodice. I followed the tutorial on their blog to make the neckline more scooped and worked on perfecting the fit a little more. My first Betty is great but even after a muslin the final fit ended up being a little too tight. For this one I didn’t go up a full size but graded up from the waist to the chest. Unfortunately its still a little too small but at least thing time my …