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8 Christmas Aprons

My friend Pam asked for my sewing help with some Christmas presents for her sister, sister-in-law, neices, brother-in-law, husband and the girls dolls! I was so excited to help especially as I’m nearly 26 and still have my American Girl Doll, I loved it when I could wear the same outfit as her as a kid! She found the pattern at Joanne’s and really liked view A, but before I made it for anyone else I decided to make one for me to see how it came together.

Dandelion Wishes Dress

I love when a pattern makes up really nice and then I can reuse it. For my second 1950’s jumper, I used light grey fabric with white dandelions on it. I made the blue one 6 months prior and just used the same pattern pieces. I’m not sure if its the drape of the material or if I lost weight but the dandelion dress is quite large on me. The material is also kind of rough so for those two reasons, I’ve only worn this dress twice.

Simplicity 1950s Retro Jumper

While reading pattern reviews in August 2011, I came across a blogger (whom I can not find now) who had just finished working on the Simplicity 1950’s Retro Jumper which reminded me of Audrey Hepburn and I had to have it. I found the pattern online, talked my grandmother (nana) into helping me with the bits that I’d never seen before, she agreed and we were off to pick out fabric!